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Royce Da 5'9'' - Tony Touch Freestyle

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm runnin up on you, whether you packin or not
Whether I'm packin or not, wit the intent to flatten your knot
Shinin like ten diamonds, I been rhymin
I write shit the pen guides it, spittin harder then ten hydrants
Firin on who tryna take mine, this nigga here
Send you around, let it spin you around on the ground waist high
I'm too authentic, I'll end it soon as you walk in it
Who wanna holla, you get swallowed in a New York minute
And if ya record is Gold, then stay on ya goals
If ya Platinum listenin to me, stay on ya toes
Yo they done it now, I'm over the edge, these niggas wanna stay underground
(Why) that's why the money's over thier heads
In doubt I be rowdy, I'm possibly the hottest since the Rakim odessey
Got niggas saying "How does he do it"
Ayo I gotta be, cause ain't a nigga hotter than me
Go head lie to me, say you know somebody, and I demolish him
Dead up, I got rhymes to make you shut up
Havin you doubtin yourself, as to why you even have your head up
I shit on, ever contender I pick on
Cause whenever it's on, I'm comin wit different levels to flip on
Dope - whether you like it or not
Give off somke in a cypherin spot, cause I'm liquid nitrogen hot
You ain't did nothing I ain't done, if you ever said something dope
I ain't said yet, it's prolly on the tip of my tongue
I've had it wit y'all, tryna bring static and brawl
Either I'ma kill you, or you ain't make me made at all
Phony-fuck cliques could suck dick, you know only Royce 5'9"
Spit only rough shit, when it comes to the Tony Touch shit
It's over consider this laced, I'll probably be the first nigga
To get a hip-hop quotable on a mixtape
What, yo Royce 5'9", Detroit shine time, Bad and Evil comin soon

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