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Royce Da 5'9'' - U Don't Know Me

Money.. and murder..
This is life, understand me
You don't know me
Nah.. nah.. nah

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Niggaz got the wrong views on this long uz'
I'm nothin to prove, while you bluffin I use, I'm gon' shoot
As far as life, I've been lied to, looked down upon
I had fights, too many to count 'em all, I'll round them off
I been shot at, went back and got the drop on hoods
Never been robbed, knock on wood, I don't buy that
Yo the streets is in you, we make +Scary Movies+
No beefs to be continued, only +Sequel+ is lonely and peaceful
It's funny to see, niggaz wanna be like me
Who like me? Who represent the D like me?
Fuck the scribbles, I get right to the drawin
My head's on straight, I know right where I'm from, and right where I'm goin
Gimme one hit, per summer money come get - take it, it's yours
Who's the king? Mummy un-stitched, the ruler
The one and only, fuck the pesos, now that we work
That's only a tenth of the dollar I'm worth - you don't know me

[Chorus: x2]
You don't know me, you just know what you hear
This is nothin you heard, it's just somethin you know when you hear
Just makin you know when you hear, it's over this year
I could even be phony, you don't know me (naw)

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm hot though, disagree? You do not know
about the streets, or the rap, you just macho
I won't stop - every broke nigga got a opinion
for every dollar he don't got; fuck them
Some of these niggaz hatin me in my own city, but fuck them too
I'm only here because of y'all niggaz, so what sent you?
I'm only wishin niggaz'll stop dissin
and pay attention to that little dot on the mitten I live in
I don't compete, I teach
First lesson - I'ma show the competition how to get beat
It's easy, you don't know me (no)
You act raw, but is it really you?
Look, just gimme my money, that's all I ask for, I'm chillin
I got lessons to tell, I rhyme like I'm desperate as hell
He who prevails will always keep records for sale
No matter what the case is
I blew the fuck up, and now I'm back to rub it in the faces of haters
You don't know me


[Royce Da 5'9"]
You might not like, you gon' respect it
Cause I flows 'til I'm restless, I keep stressin who the best is
You don't know me homie; you'll never hear
a real nigga's name in my mouth, I talk about the phony only
Y'all missin the fact, that figures I'm paid
And I'm still itchin to scratch a wack nigga, now that's dedication
As long as rap's as segregation, I can only speak for myself
And all I can tell you is you don't know me (naw)

[Chorus x2]

Yo.. yeah
My name is Royce 5-9
That's all you know, huh?
Get to know me first
Nah nah, huh

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