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The Ambassador - Back Home

feat. Karan Sabir

You, in the Maybach
Laid back with the wave cap
Make your way back home
You, in the Von Dutch
Louis Vuittoned up
Girl, your times up- come back home
You, with the corn rows and the long fros
Lookin' all swole, come back home
You, pretty princess
In the pink dress with the pink vest come back home

[Verse One]
I represent a people that fell through the cracks
Their creative- you can tell it from the wealth of their raps
They gotta story
Which some are known to tell on their backs
Or through graffiti
Others use music and tell it through wax
Take it back
I would cause those are relevant facts
But that was back when we were midgets on a elephant's back
But today we're the elephants that
Other people wanna stand on
We're no longer still in the back
But problems have emerged like the sellin' of crack
Kids'll put a shell in a gat
Then put a shell in your back
And there's a gap between Hip-Hop and the church
Leavin' them stranded like a rescue team stop to a search
But now it's on
That era's gone a new era's born
They never met Christ
They only met Farrakhan
Well it's changing cause now we're pickin' up the pieces
Expect to see the ecclesia givin' ya to Jesus


[Verse Two]
We're all apart of the original fall away
In Adam we all fall and y'all it was all the way
Yeah we're lost
But the message of the cross has been bearin' fruit
But only seems to be for lost souls wearin' suits
Back in the day when my Pop's was growing up
Saved or not on Sunday your hind parts was showin' up
Forget it you headed directly to the steeple
Church was on and poppin' especially for the Negro
But today, Hip-Hop's got new affinities
Money, power, and sex, and a lot of new trinities
Church or the club?
They'll chose club life quickly
Look, you can find them in the club like 50
As for ushers I've seen theirs
He dances without a shirt and the guy screams, "Yeah"
Plus they get to see Lil' Jon
It's ludacris if you think you're gonna see them read a little John

[Verse Three]

Peep God's people- called out of evil
We do more than hang under a steeple
Meet the lethal adversary call it the flesh
A new status but a body with old habits- all of it meshed
All with no rest we fight
Can't just do what we please
We're like kids and sin's like the new Chuck E. Cheese
So, we strive to give him all not just 10 %
Cause we're called to live life different not influenced
Instead we influence things
Been convinced sin ruins things
No longer them sensual beings
So it's gonna be tight
And it's on every night
But if loving sin is wrong, we wanna be right
So each morning we fight and tell the body relax
Don't feed the flesh and you watch how the body reacts
We've gotta read Acts cause it's an all out war
Kind of thing that you've got to be called out for


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