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The Beatnuts - Hood Thang

feat. Miss Loca

Yo whas up B, I'm goin to the Bronx
Yo I'm out, yo I'm outta here Psych
(You seen this nigga Ju or what?)
He's on the corner man, jumpin a truck
(Casablaca, that nigga's up there?
I'm a roll up there now, whassup, aight nigga)

This joint right here, I dedicate to all the sexy ladies of the world
Come on, yo sing that shit

[Chorus x2]
If you see me drivinin my truck, and you start to stare
Cause you wanna come on over, ah a hood thang
Sit next to me, pop this ecstacy
Later have sex with me, watch a little girly TV
Girl just you and me

(Yo Chris, I don't think she heard you yo, spit that again)

(what's your name again sweetheart?)

Miss Loca, Spanish chick, with the sweetest chocha
Poppin ecstasy so you can get the best of me
Let's take it there, whips and chains is all the same
No matter what you'll be screaming my name
The way I move your ass is insane
Have you suckin on my toes, givin me dough
Lettin you know, I'm the only chick you suckin it for
Tell wifey you don't want it no more
This ain't the average chore

Push the seat back, I'm in the head zone
Gettin my head blown by a red bone
While I'm on the celly with the headphone
Talkin to some overseas hoes with the big nogaz and fat torpeados
I'm a dirty man, so take off your maxi-pad
Don't worry 'bout getting home I'm a throw you in a taxi-cab
Get your ass home safe, 5 in the mornin got you scrubbin your pussy
And washin Nuts off your face (what's the case)
They wanna see pesos, case closed, all they gonna see is Way-Bo's hoes

[Chorus x2]

Throw the truck on the sidewalk
What, no rules and regulations girl when it comes to the butt
Show a real mutha-fucker some love
Let's get some blue and wines and somethin I got some trees in the glove
Shorty smellin like dignity, I ain't gotta do a thing today
So I'm a let you hold a bing okay?
Now put it in your pretty little mouth
Sit back and comfy like you was in your house
Brown skin boddiqua with the sexiest scars
She nice, wanna fuck me on the hood of the car
I'm a hit her like she's goin to jail, leave her ass sweaty and pale
Open like the dick is on sale
What you thought Ma, you fuckin a man
Hit it as hard as I can, suckin toes ain't part of the plan
One day I'll let you meet my click
Yeah, okay, it was nice meetin you too
Shorty rock eat a dick


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