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Three 6 Mafia - First 48

feat. Project Pat, Al Kapone, DJ Spanish Fly, 8Ball & MJG

[talking: DJ Paul]
Yeah yeah yeah it's goin down m- motherfucking motherfucking-town bitch. The originaters up in this bitch, we got dj spanish fly, project pat, al kapone, 8ball and mjg, three 6 mafia. what's up to sunny d, dj bk, the whole m-town 901 up in this hoe nigga quit playin with yo motherfucking self bitch.

[Chorus: DJ Paul]
I'm a Dedicate This to the real
All these hatin' ass niggaz gettin killed
Fuck a fame put em on the first 48
Fuck a fame put em on the first 48
I'm a Dedicate This to the real
All these hatin' ass niggaz gettin killed
Fuck a fame put em on the first 48
Fuck a fame put em on the first 48

[Verse 1: Project Pat]
Crack kill apple jack but I make a stack
Scream death to a rat
Here clickin with the clack
40 balls bustin at your mom
Nigga will I stomp
Read a magazine till your body drop
Seem angellic pitbulls till a nigga miss
Any one who is near yo bad take a diss
Hood nigga who cares you can die too
Around here with that flossin I'm a try you

[Verse 2: Al Kapone]
Trick I ride for my city I die for my city
Put your m's up high if you niggaz ride with me
This for my south memphis north memphis
Westwood orange mound blackhave to the bay
It's all about the m-town
Yeah I know you though we would never come together hoe
It's a new day now we on a whole new level hoe
Al Kapone Al Ka B Last of dying breed
This is for my pioneers to the M Memphis, Tennesse

[Verse 3: DJ Spanish Fly]
Dj Spanish Fly man never ever given up
Still doin that same flow that make you wanna get real buck
Get real buck like you havin a heart attack
Drunk up off in the club and you know you not get no stacks
Sweat it out let it out them devils they can't stop you
You be on the grind while them haters be like broke fools
Memphis, Tenn baby and we known for that buck fire
The whole wide world you betetr get some and duck down

[Verse 4: 8Ball]
M-gang nigga that's memphis tennesse
Game Pimpin real big 8Ball MJG the blame
Hip hop boom slang this ain't for the lame
Some like rock n roll pimpen let ya nuts hang
Gangsta walk memphis walk nigga it's the same thang
Take it from your og orange mound veteran in the game
We got the power to run thangs and make change
Foward that green change we can reagrange

[Verse 5: MJG]
Get up make the whole city to a sit up
Drop down do push ups till you spit up
Memphis Tenn this is a brand new awakenin
Everything is precisly planned ain't no mistakenin
We done tried to stop nah ain't no way I'm given in
Get buck luxery is what we liven in
MJG pump gas to ya eyes card
I'm a grown ain't no soft I go hard

[Verse 6: Juicy J]
I meet this litte fr-freak from the stre-street
A sexy fine white girl that I ke-ke-keep
She had me up all-ervy night
ATM credit she-she swiped
She dressed in plastic I gotta ha-have it
She say sprung a neighboorhood addict
Ain't no rehab that can stop me
She looked like expresso coffee
When shes in yo system she'll keep you crunk
And make you buck like walk off in the back with guns out
Make em give it up
She keep your heart beat real fast
Down four make her hotta
Every time I see her she with me 40 and my dollar

[Verse 7: DJ Paul]
Yeah Yeah yeah yeah the king of the motherfuckin m-town
See I reck you haters like I reck this cars
Then I Then I trade it in like I trade this broads
Walk up Walk up out the square with nan fucking squire
Lookin lookin like my 4 still shinin like a star
See sucka I'm a vet not a vetenarian
Get rid of your flesh like if I was a vegetarian
Fuck em fuck em feed em bullets
Let the ball bat carry em
Till their fuckin fuckin family
Then I'm gonna bury them
I told them I was the king but they didn't wanna believe me
Till the bullets hit em and they started to bleeding
Boy you a lesser not even a guester
When we started leakin up your shirt that's a guesser
You realized that I wasn't playin with your plan
You realized you have the wrong fuckin man
Finally figured out that your on the wrong fucking land
9 to the whole town we ain't playin

[talking: Boogalo (DJ Paul)]
Yeah hoe you know what motherfuckin time it is
Damage sheil oh yeah boogalo in this motherfucka (nigga don't creep we put you motherfucking hoes to sleep.

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