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TWiiNS - One night stand

feat. Flo Rida

I need an one night stand, gotta have it tonight
We can still be friends if the sex was right
We won’t get no sleep, fall in love at first sight
All I need is you and a one night stand tonight

Flo Rida! TWiiNS! Yeah, we make em dance tonight

A house and a garden, with a pool and a dog
Don’t want a regular life, with a regular job
Don’t need a ring on my finger, I’m a saint, I’m a sinner
I just want a little bit of that, sex drugs, rock n roll
Bang that door, I’m here to rock the party
Get your ass up on the floor, so we can get it started
But we’re fed up with the same old, we can move like lightning on ya
Grab your dancer, if you’re my part time lover
Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3]
Tonight, tonight

I feel the love in the air tonight
Dance floor full of flashing lights
How you feel about a bottle of silver
You look like you live a platinum life
Baby turn around and get show that
Booth frame girl, is your name Kodak?
Cause it’s plain to see that you know that
My train ain’t gonna leave till you on that
Hey girl I got you, just put your back on me
I’ll make it rain in here if you want me to
Cause I love how you rock that body
Out of control, don’t stop the show
I wanna make you moan, I’ll beat the floor
So se**** out on the floor
All x and o’s baby let me know, that you wanna
Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3]
Tonight, tonight

Got an angel on my shoulder, and the devil in my hair
We can be together baby, drag you right into my bed
Guess that only heaven knows if we’re ever meant to last
For tonight you’re just perfect, we’re gonna have a blast
Yes I guess I must confess, got me looking for an ONS
Taking down my dress, without leaving my address
And we’re one for the money, two for the drive baby,
Let’s come together, in this this this….

Flo Rida! TWiiNS!
Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3]
Tonight, tonight

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