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Twin Beredaz - Fly Away

Please beleave me see this game is lonley
I feel like leavin but I can't go on
Somtimes I shi that I could fly like a bird in the sky
And glide away from everything

Please beleave me, my day seems so long
I feel like leavin but I just can't go on
Somtimes I shi that I could fly like a bird in the sky
And glide away from everything

[Verse 1:]
Head reach so I can fly away, so freely threw the sky in the sun shine rayz
If I could only have it like I want it, I'd be in peace
I had sort that all my time is money, that isn't me
I was decived by the indrusty to, e me I had a gift and I should share it
What is a gift if it's not cherist
So here I am with one man with one plan to stand tall
My plain lands on a strange glands where things can get bad
And for all I know I could die right here, for all I know brite lights my shine here
Unconfortible just wanna go
I could have been happy, but I got married to the game and look at how it has me
Expectations must be fo filled but let's keep it real I'm still just a child
And expectations must be fo filled so let's keep it real that means I'll never fly away...


[Verse 2:]
I'm surtain my work is hurtin my soul
There's more survants than birds that's disturbing to know
My eagle eyes I see evil guys is the reazon why
I beleave in my savior jesus christ he needs me to realize
That everything is a part of a path he made
I should never think of arguin, I should b brave
Chuz I can't go homie yet, and won't pretend
This game ain't lonley, tell him twinits so hard to love it, so sad to I've my life
But if I wanted a part of it, I had to give my life
Who knew price was high for this industry
Who knew I live and die for my ministy
I watch for the voltures they try to kill my vision
This is not my colture this is my religion
In the gospel, hip hop in to cosco
To my father in heaven, pleaze end the oppsticles

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