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Twinz - 4 Eyes 2 Heads

feat. Priest "Supafly" Brooks

[Chorus x2]

[Tripp Locc]
Just came up and now its back to the homefront
the niggaz that I'm with decide to take a short cut
but that ain't me, bombed in and I'm trippin
gimme my half comrades and I seek dippin
cool, stay up is what I say as I slam the door
Its mobbin time make sure I tuck the fo-fo
hope to stroll dont take longer than expected
being on these snake ass streets it can get hectic
see some hoes makin that green
jacked by the dope fiends doin bad with they eyes on beam
prolly gonna do some devilish deeds for the next hit
24 hours for them they gotta stay lit
bust a left through the alley stayin off the main street
quiet as hell that I can hear my heartbeat

[Chorus x2]
4 Eyes 2 heads
Which one could it be
Its like this your mistaken I didn't do

Here comes a darkness now the clouds roll in, so why
am I paranoid maybe because I'm too high
I'm seein shit, thinkin shit like in a vision
but can't pinpoint the real evil am I gettin
close got the on post up, hold up
for them hookers that be lookin like toe up from the floor up
for rockin definites amounts to cock
but still it dont change the reason why they wanna plot, but got the knot
I make ya do what ya wanna do
when ya wanna do unto others, as others do unto you
is it a sin or a shame, who is to blame
no one should ever have to feel the strain on the brain
mo pain and grief, do I retreat to a deep sleep
or listen to the voice as it speaks

[Chorus x2]

[Tripp Locc]
Almost out the alley headlights hit my face
fuck its the po po got the strap so I'm break
hit the gate, be smart and do no stupid shit
thinkin like a G!! in this predicament
I'm bonin across PCH and I'm safe
the cut by the wall is open ghetto version late
another day, another time perhaps
but for now, I gotta be free to make my snaps
whole lot of traps to dodge when you're broke and when you're large
keepin it real the Black Panther charge
I never let em hold me back
wassup cool cat (wassup mane) I see my homey give him dap
and tell him what fun I had with the one times
plus my mission, he's mad cuz he missed it
ain't no thang it was a job and adventure
coulda got twisted tonight but I got wit ya

[Chorus x7]

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