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Twista - Back 2 School

[Tung Twista]
back to school lets go back to school
lets go lets go back to school to the oldschool
[chorus 4x]

lets go back to school to the old school
to the times when the single file lines was the rule
to the days that we had to study all the maps
the days we were kiddin not to take the kid naps
the days when we used to have to wear the dunce caps
and the days when we used to bust the oldschool raps
sittin with your buddy studyin for ya test
lookin back so that you see up under betty's dress
couldnt wait for bells to ring so we can go to recess
to kick the battle rhymes just to see who was the best
there were seven emcee's in the 7th grade
i would kick seven rhymes had only seven made
but those seven rhymes we stole
note the way your toning
i gave the class a blast the way i smash my opponents
battlin was serious they've all ducked the fist
because i kick the funky fresh rhymes like fish
try to swing but they miss they miss like this
Rasheeda's on the monkey bars blowin me a kiss
throwin rhymes back and forth on the see saw
just to mess with him because i know that he saw
winkin at Latrice because i know that she saw
several suckas tried to push us down but we saw
these are the days when the tounge used to rule
recess is over lets go back to school


goin back to school like Rodney Dangerfield
to the lunchroom where the cooks arrange a meal
ate the sloppy joe where my friends copy so
we can try to get more than emcees can flow
the fun fun fun funky able fable
i stake the style standin on the stable lunch table
finish up the rhyme so i can pass it to the next
throw em back and forth till we heard the bells flex
left the lunchroom went to the gymnasium
ut time to flow we call it a rap stadium
throwin rhymes back and forth like a symphany
i wanna start a battle so step to him for me
the whylin got sensible because we saw the principal
like grammar school somehow the principal's invicible
shot a couple hoops the rims are called fruit loops
and if you miss we say opps and leave the gym like troops
single file line but we were still at the pool
the day is over tommorrow back to school


after school im home with my mom she's pleased
cuz rappin help me learn there were never F's and D's
cuz when im spellin bees it would help me stand these
didnt worry about freaks on the street sellin keys
rock the streets beats from the mouth no tracks
rhymes be simple bust on how they aint wack
i walk into a battle say what we havin here
back in them days i was called a cavalier
me and baby used to flow the flows like food
me and James Phillips used to rock the high schools
me and Carl Tolta used to rock the neighborhood
Don and Aviator used to show that they were good
me and Johnny Love used to rock the rock parties
and my brother Johnny kicks a dance to fade everybody
me and kingdom rock used to rock the south blocks
an empire of destruction had emcees on their jocks
the past i have stated, they way we used to rule
even though we graduated lets go back to school


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