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Twista - Badunkadunk

feat. Jazze Pha

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
(Badunkadunk) All in your face when you're at the club
(Badunkadunk) Slide down the poll for the 30 Dub
(Badunkadunk) Look at your ass girl, it's so much fun
(Badunkadunk) I tell the DJ, I mean ya #1
(Badunkadunk) What? (Badunkadunk) Rock Yo!
(Badunkadunk) All That (Badunkadunk) Bounce Yo!
(Badunkadunk) Big Phat (Badunkadunk) I Love Yo!
(Badunkadunk) Tell the DJ, I mean I'm #1

[Verse 1: Twista]
Ooh! Shit, damn shawty look at the muthafuckin' fatty
Come to daddy, tell me what I gotta do to get you lickin' in my custom caddy
Never wanna let you get up out the ride
When I burst to the lip my mouth is wide
Look at titties with them little bitty shorts you got on
With the thighs hangin' out the side
When you work it you gone hurt these other bitches(That's Right)
Hurtin' em' mean with the way you struttin'
Even though you only walkin'
You still lookin' like you shouldn't do that shit in public
I can tell from right now what I see you workin' with
You ain't even gotta ask for the blunt
Booty so phat, gaps so nice, you can see ya ass from the front
You finna hurt how you twurk that thang
You want me to hear when you pop it baby
Fell in love when you came up in club, with a whole bottle of Mo'
Don't pop it baby!
I know you got up on some rump shaker time
Just let us see what you can do
Sip a little something while you bounce that ass
Girl you gotta Badunkadunk


[Verse 2: Twista]
Now bounce that ass, hurry up for the Bentley
Now gone drop that bikini for the Lamborghini
Now let me see you in a car for the big grown
Love the way you shake it for the dollar
Holla at me when you see me
Now I don't wanna see nobody full of rigimortis
Go head and jiggle for the more more money that's in his hands
Go head and hit the shades with ya thick ass
Now come over here by the table and give me a lap dance
Bend it over come and get this dust
Come take it off now we in the cut
Gots to hit that from the back
Shorty gotta lil junk in her trunk
Look at how she make one butt-cheek freeze
Look at how she make the other cheek move fast
Look at how she switch, make the other cheek move
Then move both sides then clap that ass
Remember them times!, when you met two shawty's
And you really want the cutest
But you let her slide, cuz the other gotta really big-o donkey booty
Now shawty think she fine, only if she really knew the truth
I ain't gone lie, girl twurk them thighs
I'm in love with your big Badunkadunk


[Verse 3: Twista]
Can you make it go wobbley-wobbley, come on and follow me
Take you on a ride on the 'C' and umm!
If you let it jiggley-jiggley, make it go wiggley
Baby you can never get rid of me and umm!
Twurk something, ooh yeah
Yeah that booty softer then a teddy bear
So phat I can barely stare, with a darier, that's scary there
Come and drop for a nigga named Twista
Come and pop for me like a pistol
Got Badunkadunk's from a MOB and got Badunkadunk's for Jazze Phizzle
Girl you deserve respect, you look so good girl I commit you
The hottest thang on the menu
When I'm off up in the strip club, I like to get you
Twurk that thang, bounce that ass
Work it all the way down to the floor
Climb to the top, shake it up-side down
Side of the muthafuckin floor
Work that crown, give a lap-dance
Shake it like it's for lady-groups
Take all the ballers to the V.I.P
Girl gone work yo Badunkadunk


Shake That Thang Girl!(Repeat to the end of song)
[Jazze Pha]
This! is a Jazze Phizzle Product-shizzle
My Nizzle! Hah!
Twista!, Chi-Town, Yeah
What? Legit Ballin' Daddy!
Ooh!, We out Daddy!

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