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Twista - Charged

I'm charged off of suckers getting shot up off the ledge
No pain instead of Cain I took a blunt off to the head
So tell me what it said, so tell me what it said

[Verse 1:]
(Charged) 2 straps and a mask a hundred thousand dollar lick and that'll get me (charged)
2 shots of patron a place 2 get it on with a bitch'll get me (charged)
Ak47s Sk's Desert Eagles Calico's and nines get me (charged)
Bad bitches with apples bottom jeans big titties and big behinds will get me (charged)
Purple haze the chronic and the diesel and the carronade and the Kush get me (charged)
Only smoke in the bed so every time u see me blazed in the bush I get (charged)
Every time I see a nigga from chi get in the game n blow up platinum I get (charged)
Ever Time a lil nigga thinking' he could compete with me with this rappin' I get (charged)
Let me see a few ballas' In the club throw up a couple of diamonds and get me (charged)
When I see a bitch poppin' that ass I throw some roof on my impala I get (charged)
When they see the twist sippin' on cris' flickin' them diamonds on his wrist they get (charged)
When bitches tell me twist damn I ain't know u shit on niggaz like this I get

Charged off of suckers getting shot up off the ledge
No pain instead of Cain I took a blunt off to the head
So tell me what I said, so tell me what it said
Retaliate with lethal repercussion I feel the reefer rushin' to go into thangs like it's a wicked stick, took the benadryl hot like I'm fin'ta steal to get to kickin' shit for niggaz n bitches that I kick it with [repeat]

[Verse 2:]
When I see the crowd throwin' up they hands and they sayin' the hook I get (charged)
When I see baby g come in the studio with a ounce of Kush I get (charged)
When I go in the bay area n they be on that hypy shit I get (charged)
When I go 2 the club n the thugs on that they don't like me shit I get (charged)
When I see the fans let me down with this whole mobster movement I get (charged)
When it come 2 havin' money u can get it, it ain't hard 2 do it jus get (charged)
Cause the po-po watching so if u poppin' and you get caught servin' u gone get (charged)
Have a shoot out with some haters and they find out u committed a murder u gone get (charged)
2 shots of remy on the rocks my nigga pookie got the glocks so I'm (charged)
Love the tookie if u can blow a dookie do a split riding with cliff get me (charged)
If u let off a thumpa and people screamin' and yellin' lay down I get (charged)
When I step on the stage and got America screamin' K-town I get (charged)


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