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Twista - Don't Blink

feat. Turtle Banxx

you know man Turtle Banxx
I want you to go in there and get them niggas man
let em know the drought is over man

game recognize game cock your pistols and aim (wee straight)
all about hustlin and bustin for change (wee straight)
to go there we can get in this bitch (wee straight)
ballin for scratch ready to die for this shit

[Turtle Banxx]
don't you know that talking shit ain't wise
nigga I'll advise you and your guys to get the fuck outta my presence
I got trigger eyes
venom plower situations reaping bloody demonstrations when the heat dies
you won't see guys conversating
only homicides and yellow tapings
no suspect no motives mad villains living bogus
if we don't catch you you best believe we tag whoever closest
and make you feel the motions
Turtle Banxx got kill notions thats real potent
have you ever see I still smoking
senile emotions you'll soul cokeland
not a body open fuck ABC's
best to be on P's and Q's I'ma get diseases if you snoozes
you ready yet?
you better study your tech and be a threat fucking coward
or face trigger vests with celeb ways to wreck
off with all heads and all bets
I'm on your neck sending straight .57 threats at your neck nigga

straight .57 till your face don't blink
nowhere to run no time to think
so what you wanna do when it's on like that
in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body
shotties to your face don't blink
nowhere to run no time think
so what you wanna do when it's on like that
in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body

catch me with a semi on cop
been in your block dumping 17 shots in your spot
putting niggas in shops ready for a box
made my getaway slick as a fox
taking the ditches the cops
escaping visions of prisons and locks
my mission don't stop no pot to piss in so the plot thickens
I keep hearing gats clicking
see I'm into strange places
wear a mask to cover up they faces if they want me why they procrastinate
is it just in oasis?
perpetrated by my imagination
apple texas trojan am I tasting
my own death gun fire got me toned deaf
so I say a silent but I save my ownself
can you clone death?
like they do life I see the blue light hearing the sirens
amongst the madness and the violence gun firing
tragedies of lying in to I want a murderous round boy
that let niggas don't talk infa-red triggers caulk
a nigga trying to cheat life
now death says name affiliation in the street life
I see nights away from the mics
far from the henny and ice where many ya like for the riches and life
while shaking the device with a camera device like dice
from pistol fights nickel hypes murder and mics is life
in the Chi and Suge Knight
so think twice or faces vicious types in pit fights


the blocks hotted the cops watching for anything unusual happen
they been stoping profits three days in tracking
drug traffic distracting clientele with drug habits
load them thangs and make them slugs happen
enemies of surprise got em frantic
scattered and panicked damaged by any 11
ducked behind a treasure box let em have it
managed to get away hide away your weapons
probably still there but they ain't telling
belling to the bank for my safe deposit
gotta take my grub on these narcotics properly watching
with a copy of my face composite
description all the way down to the J's I'm rocking
laser dots and the ducking police dogs hunting
resistin everything I'm touching
blood running down from the barbwire bloodening
choppers hovering sirens coming closer
grab our toaster, I'm supposed to surrender
but I done heard the shots from the trigger of a


yeah yeah
you see man
I told you man
get them niggas man
they know not to
the drought is over
the drought is over man
Turtle Banxx

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