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Twista - Get Me

"Here I am.."
"Here I am.."
"Here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Come and get me!" {*echoes*}

On a rainy day die early morn', my lethal legacy was born
I see any rapper around, 'bout the fuckin mics I left torn
But they won't give me all my peeps, and there's only one shot to get G's
Get love for my MC's at home, but some of them still hate on me
Look how many years I done repped, hustled through the streets in the cold
It's fire but our first rap as ever, signed the contract a decade ago
Put Chi name on records in the East, put Chi name on records in the West
Put Chi name on records in the South, bitch how you gon' open your mouth?
To the motherfuckin industry, why you hate on me and my city?
Would it be an imbalance of power if y'all let Chi niggaz get cheese?
Or is it us holdin us back? Think hard when you rollin your sack
Whatever the case my Chi nigga, if it's in my means I got yo' back
What the fuck's really goin on, does the magazine know we on?
Don't he already know we established myself as Twista Corleone?
Well I'm holdin my city down, ain't goin nowhere, here I stand
You know where I am if you hate me {"Come and get me!"}
If you want me {"Come and get me!"} Here I am

"Here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Come and get me! Come and get me!"

What did I do to deserve, all of this madness around me
Found me in the studio buryin myself and was smokin herb
Tried to kick me to the curb
To the back to the ditch to the dump to the shack but I sprint in the front
in the 'Llac with a fifth and a blunt in the back with a bitch and a pump
And I'm ready to bust at you hoes, ready to dump lames in ditches
Steady makin fakers bleed, L.B. family handle business
Comin into Twista's realm, journey with me through the pain
The hurt just might make you envision drama that could turn you insane
How much of my chaos bring tears, how many threaten my career?
How many threatenin to murder me but bitch you know where I live
Who the fuck do you think I is? Y'all ain't comin at wit no shotties
Why you think you can hurt like these years, yo all of my peeps can you sawed
Think you finna bring out my fears? Tell me why my success make you cry
And why my downfalls make you laugh, but I bet my hydro got you high
Never let hate back me down, stand forth like a man
If you want me {"Come and get me!"}
Wanna kill me? {"Come and get me!"} Here I am


We got Geo like Neo, of course we as sourcy as Morpheus
or we as sick as some Marcus Aurelius alias atheist
Look it's niggaz who flow be the achiest, I'm just a alias
Now why hate me is maybe is cause I'm controllin this radius
or this world and this whole universe, don't believe let me spit you a verse
Just when you thought you was worse I come wit worse that'll make you disperse
My allies know I'm too cold, my enemies know I spit thangs
My Lords know I bust that thang, my gangstas know how we still reign
My mobsta family steady ride, L.B. family steady click
While us and other crews collide, choose your weapon take a pick
Load up, click-clack, it's on – finna bust, get back, run home
Come at me jokers get whacked with a strap to the back of the dome
Industry niggaz get gone, heard y'all be stickin Big Worm
I show you some shit that'll blow you now slow you down like you siz-urp
The Chi-Town's sacrificial lamb, well here I stand
firm if you hate me {"Come and get me!"}
If you want me {"Come and get me!"} Here I am


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