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Twista - Getty Up

feat. Erika Kane

[Erika Kane]
can ya get it up

getty up getty up
put the dick to the sky
put the dick to the sky
cant get enough, ah
wanna glide that a bitch get a ride
nigga can ya get it up
get it up
put the dick to the sky
put the dick to the sky
cant get enough, ah
wanna glide that a bitch get a ride
nigga can ya get it up

cuz i aint have no dick today
wanna play then a bitch can just masterbate
hope ya got some more control since our last date
just tell me kissing the dick you made a big mistake
and you can to quick
i'm like what the fuck is this
some cancer dick
what it been through fucking with you with a cash trick
enough to make a bitch stay
if you could last a bitch
you might make a bitch pay with your trashy dick
on the stroll around the way
every hoodrat got the same thing to say
can ya get it up
i wanna know before i lay
need the dick to stay hard all god dam day
what the hay
i bust up and cuff the nigga
got em sprung work em bend up the nigga
the dick to sensitive for me to suck ya nigga
and if ya keep tricking i might fuck ya nigga
just dont be no two minute man
i fuck around and get at too many hands
see i'm type of bitch that make too many grand
thats thirty g's 24/7 man
now i got bucked in a caravan
now my pussy's so wet i wanna come again
dam nigga can ya get it up again
cuz i need enough dick for me and a friend


ugh, so ya say you got hair of gold
where ya might be what a bitch looking for
i like the dick to make me holla and put up a fuss
and if you eat the pussy right nigga thats a plus
i like it rough
a bomb just drop that dust
treat a bitch like a queen and have me living plus
it aint asking for much
just get the land and crush
the diamonds buffed
and i smoke no huff
i puff dro
keep my shit on the low
and fuck that bitch on the low
cuz if hoe cant deal when we fucking a nigga
on the real i like his dick cuz its locker and bigger
a bitch come back to reality
you cant be mad at me
cuz your nigga a hoe
bitch thats a travisty
its sad to see that she gone in the head while i'm
fucking this nigga busting nuts in your bed
i work on emotions, just dildos and lotions, exstasy pills and love potions
wetter than the ocean
strap on your trojan cuz a nasty nigga leave the pussy swollen
girl you should of told em
you need a nigga that hit it to make ya wanna back that ass up
down to the last nut
i gotta ride the dick, slip slide the dick, until we get it back up
now nigga


now all the niggas wanna know about the slick lick
and all the bitches wanna know how she get a grip
play the game so raw
who that cold bitch
got blocks of ice like the north pole bitch
my tricks gotta hustle and flip them bricks
to keep me satisfied
and the finest shit, that designer shit, that the kinda shit, that like to
crime shit,
just gimmie the dick
and gimmie a ride out
cuz the dick tired out
plus the blunt fired out
i pop in the jacuzzi cuz its ladies night out
and im bout to hit the club and turn that bitch out
by a nigga who could never back out
show me what the dick about
have me telling my girls how he ate me out, take me out, cake me out
niggas wanna get a tat then stake me out
lock me down
im like break me out all on my voice mail
(bitch why you fake me out)
cuz i dont give a fuck nigga
dont love niggas play the game while these bitches are scrub niggas
smoking on a dub with another nigga
riding em right now so getty up nigga
yee hah
watch a bitch get bucked ima fuck just as long as you could get it up nigga
now let me see you


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