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Twista - Gucci, Louis, Prada

(Prada, Gucci Louis,)
New twista y'all,
(Prada, Gucci Louis,)
I sat back long enough,
(Prada, Gucci Louis,)
Now it's time for me to go physco again,
(Prada, Gucci Louis,)

Rock my Gucci, Louis Prada
Suzuki, new impala,
Like flooki, I get them dollas,
Bougi you do me nada,
Make a vision nigga pose,
Be so ridicules when you lookin at the clothes,
Like I got a garden I was lookin at the hose,
And when I saw ya get power levels when a bitch chose,
Then she froze I be lookin so fabulous never the one to be tested consider be nothin for me to just go in the closet and show on a dress I'm like nilla an I'm lookin impressive and I'm somebody not to be messin with,
How I do it is a hell of a method and when I be stepping up in the vicinity
I'm a demolish em with the Gucci, louis and Prada that's on my body I'm a hurt em with a fit that costs a lot more than your residence,
Gu, Gu, Gu Gucci, Louis Prada like sushi,
Benny Hannas, douchi,
Do done dannas, what tella,
C'mon I gotta,
I be sick of you fuckin with raggedy niggas and lookin ridicules I could be takin you shopping or poppin the bottle were everyone we go in the party or probably I make it rain a couple dollas in my,

Prada, Gucci Louis.
(Gucci Belt, Gucci shoes or somedays it all Louis fools,
What up lil mama I see you in them Prada shoes, I see you with them bags haha, c'mon let's go,)

Rock my Gucci, Louis Prada make a movie,
Because I'm a belushi,
Lady gaga who be makin them dolla,
Wanna step in on the set,
How I be rockin the beat hoppin me lookin wet,
Lyric acrobatic in my new designer vest,
If you lookin at me bogus I'm a take it as a threat,
When you see me I'm a wonderful, popular one that be
Rockin the fashion I be killin em in it and look at the women
The way that they be switching an walkin and workin on what way
I'm checkin and how astonishing they be lookin,
V.I.P is like a fashion show,
Everybody lookin n mistaking lookin when they do it they be
Swagga on a million and I be Feelin em so I'm a tell her that I love how her ass look in her
Prada, Gucci Louis
Prada, in a suit we,
Pray to the father,
In a koufe,
You pray to Allah,
But mostly the almighty dolla,
Don't know why we so materialistic instead of being a mystic but if I gotta do I'm a be the best and I'm a shit on my opponent when I'm on it in the club, they don't want it when I'm in my,

Prada, Gucci, Louis
(The last shall be first, and the first shall be last, success is the best revenge, so get it how you live, keep your swag on a thousand and mojo a million.)

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