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Twista - Mista Tung Twista

What's happenin, y'all?
This is Tyrone Chillinfoot down with the funky Tung Twista, baby
[number] inches of straight stupid, straight ignorant dope funky stuff for ya, baby
So turn up your radio and get down to the Tung Twista
Kick it, gee

Let the Cavalier Tung kiss ya, it's the Mista Tung Twista
Pumpin a rhythm, a lyrical styler
My tongue'll be flingin a funky pile of
Lyrical rhymes that's breakin em off in the mind, I be flowin em holy, I'm
Kickin the funky Islam, my lyricals slippin em like petroleum, slowly I'm
Pumpin the flow of the lyric, I'm breakin em off with the radical texture
I'm one brother you could never get next ta
Flex your style, I'm gonna give em a lyrical pump of the rhythm of Cav
And crackin em up with the word of the wise
I be bringin em up in the flow of the funky dialect
I elect a flow for suckers that try a wreck
I spark the light of a head and be wakin em up and then cause a fly effect
I insist ya lay with the path of my rhythm and follow me like a scripture
Flowin this from my lung, a tongue twister
Mista, my style'll be makin a dent and be leavin the tracks bent
Steppin is the lyrical black gent, my Nubian accent
Breakin em up and then makin em take in the smell of my funk I be kickin up in em
And then I'ma give em a lick of my lyrical lollypop, I'm gonna bring em into my doctrine
Rock, then the rhythm'll makin the clock spin blackwards
The funk of the rhythm'll snap, crackle and pop, then flow, oh
I'm makin em follow the path of a God and my track'll be blacker than Cocoa
This lyric I'm makin is dope, don't call it so-so
Don't dis the Tung Twista
Leavin the suckers soft as a whisper, Tung kiss ya like a sister
Then I'ma let it be known that it's the way that I throw
That's makin the funk of the lyrical glow
And how I tell it, yo Cav is kickin a funkedelic flow, and oh, my fist'll
Swing at the rhythm of suckers, then I'm gonna give em a Tung blister
It's the Mista Tung Twista

Boy, that's Tung Twista for ya
Comin at ya in 3d
?? funkier than that, boy
Check it out
Kick it again

My tongue is spinnin
I follow with Allah and the Father be stoppin the Cavalier from sinnin
The lyrical rhythm beginning and then in the endin
I ratatattat tactics, give em black kicks
Flow of the lyric I'm pumpin and rappin em up is dope as a crack fix
Wack? It's - funky, I'm greater
Never to step at the lyrical dictator, a state of
Shock is what I put a sucker into, then to mentally
Go with the smell I be stylin, gee, funky is what the scent'll be
Harmin this? Uh-uh, the Cavalier's kickin my charm in this
Simply because I'm in this, I'm as dope as a pharmacist
Calmin this? Hype as a rattle be shakin and rippin the rhythm
And breakin up into a sweat, I be workin the lyrical servin a sucker
So never come near a, lyricist Cavalier - ah
Rock the flow of the lyrical rhythm be shinin like a mirror
Hear a sucker step at the Twist, ya gotta be goin like this to beat me
The funk of the lyric will flow from me like peepee
You caught a work of my tongue as I be flow flowin like water
Crackin em up with a flow and sort of slaughter I oughta
?? I'm bracin Nubian nations, race and chasin
My tongue your tastin, a quick pace and facin lyrical wastin
Tungs'll be cut like Jason, racin
Tung Twista rocks, your lip'll lock
My tongue'll be makin a tick tick or tick tock to Nubian hip-hop
Flip-flopped, a flow when I wrote this
Kickin and makin some hocus pocus, focus
Tongue will be flippin just like this I'ma locus
Givin a diagnosis for Twisterosis
Crackin a mouth and them makin em ache I'ma put em up into a coma
You're sniffin dope aroma
I'm blendin
I'm able to break up a sucker that you might send in
The funk of the lyrical rhythm beginnin
Spinnin the suckers around like a dollar
Be makin em holler kickin the funk of a lyrical scholar
I pray to Allah, I'm makin this funky like I'm a hobo
Throw better than bolo, ya thinkin that he can battle my solo
Just say oh no cause that's a no-no
When I be smellin the funk of my flow, jo
I'm pumpin this up and breakin this in with a lyrical, then say haha
Take titles, then say ta-ta
I'm rippin a rap and then rockin a rhythm and ring in my tongue I'ma bend em
And flow with a lyric it's steppin inside em
And get with the funk I be pumpin up in em
With this and it's the
Yeah - Tung Twista

Boy, if that ain't bad, my name ain't Lewis Tyrone Chillinfoot, baby
But we finna get the Boogieman ??
Go head, kid

The Boogieman was speaking, he said, what's up Mista Twista
Don't you know that Nubians ain't never supposed to whisper
Talkin behind my back is makin it seem like it's a rumor
So tell me fact to face when you can decide to come to Juma
Don't say your name backwards because you don't like Cav
Played to the left by def and I'm gonna eff up the right half
The sucker descendant of Canaan, I'ma let my pizzazz wreck
I'm speakin this to the devil that calls his self an Aztec
You ain't a Puerto-Rican, know what I'm speakin, Islam you're seekin
You might as well open the doors of a church and become a deacon
Don't step to me, speakin the pep to me about what your rep'll be
Crept to me because I let them see that you had leprosy
Them suckers that be dissin me I simply just insist ya
Stop steppin against the Mista Tung Twista

Now that was bad, baby
But if you think that was somethin
Wait till you hear the album
I like to give a shout to my son [Name]
And ?? to Eric the Wiz
Of course Cavalier, it's his album
My man [Name]
And the DJ Cut
And the whole entire hip-hop nation
We Audi 5000
Take the mic, y'all

Do the robotic robot

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