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Twista - Motive For Murder

*Liffy Stokes*
the stress of everyday living is slowly corrupting my soul
Im 2 months out the joint on papers walking with 3 years parole
I did 4 and a half a slab and shit a nigga was dying
I'm finally back in the world and its hard but I'm still trying
not to fall and risk my freedom again trying to ball
while waiting for this pussy ass job to call
and it ain't hopping
got me tipping to hear them things popping
cash bags dropping
with plenty of cane for recopping oppurtunity knocking
its what I'm on
I cry when I'm at home cause I'm alone
24 years and grown with a future unknown
my heart was torn from the pain of being back in the game
but I'd rather die getting my hussle on and live like a lane
so its back to pistols and cane
plotting on licks hitting stains
the mob life runs through my veins
its too late for me to change
these streets got me deranged
strapped up and paranoid
ready to add on situations I can and can't avoid
plus big voices getting hot
they constantly sneaking on blocks
they trying to bring me in unconscious
but them pins got popped
now they got me on the run
cherishing every last breath
but I ain't going back
its freedom or death
that be my motive for murder


*Liffy Stokes*
now I know you the judge of life and death
I ain't evil or nothing
but somebody done brought me pain and sorrow
so I'ma have to kill something
let me count the ways that I can repent
trying to stay holy and focused
but that evil in his eyes let me know that nigga too bogus
that be my motive for murder

I'ma survive these streets another day
I know the pain in my heart won't go away
these mother fuckers try to murder me
and won't nobdy hurt my family
thats what he gotta die


9 times out of 10 you can find Mays trying to hit a better lick
if it ain't coming up with the dopest shit
then I'm trying to cop the thickest brick
cause life in the belly of the best
is equal to povertys bottomless pit
where bitch niggas trick
and thirsty mother fuckers beat you out of everything you get
but it seems like everybodys trying to make some type of come up quick
before its too late to get straight
and the most I make is final pick
anywhere they shit like riding slick
with a thick chick slobbing your dick
even if it means fighting these niggas in cases
as long as neither ones thick
cause I swear when I get hit
I go in a crucial rage like a flick
turn straight lunatic
making all these bitches niggas hear their final tick
but that don't mean my minds sick
just cause I'm motivated by a lot of cheese
when trees by the p's
and fuckin fine fee's and 3's with ease
for sho the skilled poets
within in the mask up kill for it
I'll whoop a fiend with a crushed grill
I'll bet his dumb ass'll stil blow it
bullshit ain't nothing
I'm trying to get this first mil in the bank
and drive a bullet-proof hummer tank
so the next haters who try to air me out come up blank
and I'ma have to sacrifice your life
with a wrath thats stronger than christ
and forces of life thats know to do damage to human eyesight
I guess its true
moneys the route of all evil
cause crooked or legal
its all manipulated by the eagle
and be my motive for murder


lord knows I was hurt from a judge from the start
how I'ma hide love from this mark
this nigga made my homie die in my arms
had to put a slug in his heart
mother fuck that stuff
it was just a grudge on his part
my boy was young and ambitious
took his dreams and wishes
try to do right but my attitude like blast them bitches

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