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Twista - Runnin' Off At Da Mouth

feat. Sinister Def

[Tung Twista] Yo, Sinister Def
[Sinister Def] Yo, what's up money?
[Tung Twista] Yo, I want you to say your funky flow style for your single
[Sinister Def] Indeed, I think I can do that, so what's up?
[Tung Twista] And ah - I want you to come out Tung Twistin style for me
[Sinister Def] Yeah, I see what I can do, so ehm - Tung Twista
[Tung Twista] Yo
[Sinister Def] Check this out

[Sinister Def]
Runnin -
My lyrics are cunnin, vocabulary is stunnin, son of a gun, and
I'm rankin at one, makin it fun and takin my gun, and
Loadin, explodin, causin harm, poppin and droppin a bomb
Breakin it down like Imaam, so be calm, cause see, I'm
The capable, no mistakable, makin the unbreakable breakable
Able to hook em like cable cause Sinister Def ain't stable
No deceivin and weavin a web, I be leavin a stain in your brain and bustin your vein
Pickin and kickin a style I be lickin and shakin and bakin and makin it rain
Simple and plain, I smoke em like hickory dickory dock, it's time to clock
So brothers I mop, the bigger they drop, so stop, Tung Twista, pop

[Tung Twista]
Gotta be that it be lyrical hip-hop
Rockin a rhythm, I never stop-drop, I'm gonna give em a pop
Flowin this up and breakin the suckers up off of the mic and then rip it to shreds
I be kickin and makin the people come off in a rage
And my lyrical magic I'm makin and movin, I label this funky
Oh, this dope rhythm I throw be pump-pump-pumpin em up in the mind
And be bringin em up into hypeness
This funky tempo I throw, I know that I be slappin the dope hypeness up in em
And then I'ma bend em a lyrical rhythm
I throw with the tongue, be leavin em hung among
This style I be throwin to tangle the mind of a sucker
Then label it lyricalism
And scopin em in a prism
And givin a lyrical flow that will fizz em
I tackle a rhythm and break it up, only my lyric was left
My Tung Twista is def first, let me take a deep breath
Flowin the lyrical magic of mine I be moppin and sweepin
And breakin em up and then makin em break in a sweat
I be makin em jump and then sit up and lift the style
I be kickin and poppin the rhythm I'm rockin and pumpin
The lyrics I put up inside em be makin em rock
And a flow of the rhythm I'm bringin into the mic
I'm gonna give em a concept, never let a con step
To what I be givin the crowd that be makin em hype and then leavin a con swept
Breakin the suckers up into chunks, I be leavin em sinkin deeper than south
I'm gonna twist this up funky, T.T. be runnin off at the mouth

Run off, run off, run off, run off at the mouth

[Sinister Def]
Listen to the tongue twist, twistin is the Tung
Because of my trickery my tongue is slippery
This style is wild I brung
Terrible, tragical, mystical, magical, wreck in a second
The ladies I'm checkin and trickin
You think that I'm sickenin, hoes be kickin when I stick it in
I got the enemy jumpin like Jimny like it was ten of me
Try to be friend of me, suckin my simile
If I'm ill, then give me the rememdy
I'm bakin like Daxon, waxin, givin em facts just like a lawyer
Cause Sinister Def be runnin off at the mouth like Latoya
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
Come again

[Tung Twista]
Rhythms be comin, a radical phenomenon fillimeter
Be makin a magical matter be that I be
Ratatattat a flow of my tongue energy, I
Crush them, them can't overcome the power to hum
And breakin the minimum competator, gee
Miracle metamorphosis is breakin em off in this
Lyrical matter becomin a rhythmous venomous pop quiz
I'm rockin this as of his and crackin em up with a plop fizz
Lyrical wiz, never a wanna-be, gonna be rippin em up into particles
Then I'ma come in the pitiful puppet's mind
Seekin a rhythm and you shall find
Me rockin the funk of the rhythm, me stamina crammin em up in a t line
Be devine, me lyrical purrrrfection, a funky feline
Cappin a crowd with a mic and then makin em mangle
Pumpin a fist, they tangle
Lyrics so funky even Bo Jangles
Leavin angels, spinnin my tongue
And if you never come into cheer me, I say cheerio, hero
Me rhythm will float like a boat, let's see how he flow
My freedom of speech I'm a reach up against your lyrical flowin, a styler
Jammin and droppin a rhythm and poppin em up with the funk of a wilder
Holy sorcerer oughta come get with the funk of a slow solo
Bolo wanna throw but I show that a funky pro go, still wanna flow? Oh no
Slo-ow, oh-oh, I step when sendin men deeper than south
Lyrical Sinister Def And T.T., we be g runnin off at the mouth

Run off, run off, run off, run off at the mouth

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