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Twista - The Heat

feat. Raekwon

Yeah, yeah.
It's a no I.D. legendary Trackster production.

I'm a giant, into astrological science
Rappin phenomenal violence,
I'm such a honerable tyrant.
Verbal telekinesis is cuttin fellas to pieces,
Hell of a thesis, but holy like you could tell it's from Jesus.
As good as Pelican Brief is,
With the force of a sorcerer, never put fork in a pork,
I'm orchestratin the orchestra.
Forfit your formula,
Cause I'm formin a thesaurus of versus,
Or it's a chorus or more when I smoke a forrest.
Super powers like Morphius, Orcious like the orical,
Portable mp3 players let you play what's recordable.
Ledgendary like Trackster, not scared to bury a rapper,
I'm up for the beef, you just a vegetarian actor.
Identification is gone have to go by me cause long as I don't got no I.D.
Victums don't got no I.V.
Intravenously poetry pedeialite I'm a give um,
They said it was hot so check the media hype.

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping,
The heat. {yeah}
The heat.
The heat {ain't no escape ya'll}
The heat {no turin back, I'm here forever}

I recolect the era where terra and recommendations
Of wreckin the mic, respect a mack with no hesitation.
Meditation or not, I'm givin my praises to Allah,
Thoughts of takin shit harder an throwin rocks at the Cahaba.
These days is bout the dolla,
All of um into ballin, this sounds scannin the cannon
You ask if it's all appallin.
All the braggin is saggin an swaggin an sellin drugs,
An the thug in tight pants an what happen to yes ya'll,
An, sometimes I can't help the violence when I kick random rhymes,
Make you shut the fuck up like sinuses or pantomimes,
Write a autograph for you as if you a fan of mine,
Cause I got you trippin off the way my grammar rhyme.
Fixation on my dictation is evident I'm benevolent,
Cause the flow is elegant, throw like an elephant.
They shoulda told um that I flow like petroleum,
An I been cold at the podium sense break dancin on linoleum.

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping,
The heat. {ain't no escape ya'll}
The heat. {yeah}
The heat. {Tracksta, no I.D.}
The heat. {mr immortality, I'm here forever}

Coolin with the hustlers eatin rum fish,
Guns is crisp,
Can't stand fake niggas an fake bitches.
Don't make me upset my stomach,
Them killas will come through the bathroom an tie up yer hunny.
I'm all about my coins but fly Donald Goines a rat,
Fuck with fly chicken tender loins.
You know it, you blow it, you know gotta go,
You can't live here, word to the mamas that's a no.
Surrounded by dons an consularies,
Don't get glarey, a refridgerator might fall.
Don't worry you a good nigga, stay in that zone,
You speakin to a rich, real rap nigga,
Coolin on his throne. yeah.
Kiss yer forehead with lead,
I got some Chicago nigga that do it quick fast for some bread.
An my lawyer, an african prince,
Slid to America with 3 bags of dope in black bags.

Most people waiting, no there's no escaping,
The heat.
The heat.
The heat.
The heat.

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