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Twista - Wanna See 'em Buss

feat. Liffy Stokes

Maroon forc field groupin lining on the stomach.
6 inches on the lift the whole coppy squad,
No story short, I customized every body part.
So these niggas be haten they stay so envious of me.
Cause I keep bad bitches and they be with hideous hunnies.
In my city it's ugly. They so greedy it's scummy,
You got to be on point when I step out look as pretty as money.
You want these rocks and these carrots but you can't get none of that.
Your gonna get rocked and embarrassed cause I gotta gun for that.
And I got 'em mobbin I can't let you stop the mission
I got dreams of makin billions like a crooked politician.
If I have to I'm a murder. hit 'em with the rock then the paper.
I got a fully automatic droppin from the window
In the way back then you'll be on the pavement,
If I gotta feed my family I'm a sacrifice my body,
You already know I'll be goin kamakazee.

[Chorus: x2]
'Cause you don't wanna see 'em buss.
These young niggas don't give a fuck.
I got the thumpa in the trunk.
Get your strap if your gonna ride then run up.
Or get sent to an early grave for tryin to act tough.

Now what you know about recession...
Baby mamma stressin...

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