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Twista - What Would Twista Do If He Wasn't Rappin' (Skit)

[Some Guy:] Wonder what Twista would be doin' man, if he wasn't rappin'?
[Twista:] It's a beautiful day for racing, and we have four beautiful horses,
Everybody get your bets in, Were gonna see whose gonna be coming up outta the back.
We have Suger foot, we have lighting and we have coming to get'em, and we have rippin' them up into shreds.
And there off!
Now who is gonna be taking a early lead, Is it Suger foot in front of Lighting, NO, Lighting's up under Sugerfoot.
Coming To get'em is coming up outta the back, and is jumpin' in front of Rippin them up into shreds.
And now Rippin'em up into shreds is gainin' a little momentum on Sugerfoot.
Bet it would be wonderful competion if Lighting gets out ahead a little bit.
And Hear they come spinning around the turn, Will it be Rippin'em up into shreds, will it be Sugerfoot,
NO! it's Coming to Get'em winning by a neck

[Twista:] Yes ladies and gentlemen we are at the auction, what a beautiful day, what a beautiful day.
And we have a beautiful carbon D, that we are about to auction off.
What a wonder car, and it's a burgundy, Lamborghini, Masalago. And it's going for 375,000 dollars
Who will be the first bidder?
375,000 dollars, 375,000 dollars, who will be the first bidder,
375,000 dollars going over here to the gentlemen in the bergandy shirt, 375,000 dollars going once,
375,000 dollars going twice,
375,000... O! 385,000,
385,000 to the gentlemen in the tourqoise shirt with his wife and she's looking so wonderful,
385,000, 385,000.

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