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Twista - Yellow Light

feat. R. Kelly

[R. Kelly:]
Hey, hey, heeyy, hey
Uhh, uh huh, uh, uh, uh
Aye, ay, ay ayy, ayy
Hey, hey heeeyy, hey
Hey!, Hey!,
Sometimes I go fast, sometimes I just stop
Sometimes I take it slow, when I let the sex drop
But, most of the time I go qu-qu-qu-qu-qu-qu-quick
When I'm hittin' that shit, and she like it, she like it
But, tonight she said, she didn't want to go too fast
And tonight she said, she want me to take my time
So, I took her down and said 'Do you like that" and, she said, "Hell yeah"
Then hit medium from the back
I said it's cool and she said hell yeah
She said ooh baby, just take control baby
As long as u take it slow baby
Then u can hit all night baby
She gave me the green, so I have to go
Start screamin my name when I went low
And everytime I start goin fast
She look at me and said

[Hook: x2]
Yellow light [x4]
Gotta slow it down

I told her that wanted to beat it up fast
So lil mama let me know when to go
Tonight, she don't want a drill session
She wanna feel it, so she told me to take it slow
I'm so use to mackin pokin to back to back
When I'm attackin it I wanna go get in
She blew the whistle like 'beep', be still
Hold it in now roll it in
She lift up her palms, to hold my face
Because she want me to control my pace
She said she wanna feel it all
Side thru the windows of the wall
Cause the feelin was too cold away
Well I can break it down to 50
Down to 40 down to 30
In the speed u want me to
I can do, for u
Shawty tell me how u want it
Do u want the lambo
I give it to like uh uh uh uh uh
When I do it baby
Or do u want the 64
I give it to u like uh uh
When I give it to u baby
Now I was thinkin, I was all up in it right
But now she got me caught up at the light
I try da call it like
Green, uh uh too fast, red, uh uh too slow
She wanted in the middle
So gotta

[Hook: x2]
Yellow light [x4]
Gotta slow it down

Now wid a subtle way to sooth yo soul
Gotta lovin the way I move the pole
Instead of rude and bold
I wanna see what it feel like
When playa break it down into cruise control
And still rule the role
Never stuckin on a one speed dick shift in a stick shift
I am not them dudes
Is not a jack rabbit, when I be tappin it
I wanna, slow it up and give it to her chopped and screwed
Come here shawty and lemme knock them shoes
Feel it sensual when I rock to the groove
Makin hot thang cool,
If u think u butter, show us how to stutter step stop then move
But I get not the order
Narry canary and my flow is like a shoppahorra
Scaryin barry whenever I rock with the r
Kelly in every position for power we slaughter
In petty like veli
I'm gettin money cause I oughta
I tell the girl to slow down lil mama
Cause u ain't gotta be so anxious
Go on rapidly when u flex yo tighs
Cause still good sex if u exercise yo patients
We ain't gotta do it like we racin
Cause all the time, that ain't how I like it
Green, uh uh too fast, red, uh uh too slow
I'm on the mid level
So she gotta

[Hook: x2]
Yellow light [x4]
Gotta slow it down

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