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Twiztid - How I Live

feat. Proof of D12

[Jamie Madrox:]
How I live
My michrophone is my outlet
To project my style and see how loud the crowd can get
No non-sence this is how you need to be livin
Dude this is the life we show improve on each and every move
We need some money smokeing bitches to clear our vision like visine
And a 40 of O-E for the I.V.
So gimmie gimmie cause I'm livin for the fame
And I ain't leavin till I get all that I can and then some

[Monoxide Child:]
I see it tatted on your back and your arms
And I'm a static you a deal to throw what's killin your moms
I know your pops don't understand he thinks your buildin a bomb because you sit up in your room and every word you sing along
And it seems every word comein outta your mouth is raw
And the truth is they don't have a clue what's goin on
If they would just shut the fuck up give me a listen then they could hear it all in my voice exactley how I'm livin

That's how I live
Wildein on the streets that we live
That's how I live
Tryin to take as much as I give
That's how I live
Planttin fantasies in your kids
That's how I live
Don't be actin like you know who this is
(hats how I live)

[Jamie Madrox:]
How I live
Tinted windows on suv's I'm smokein
Purchesed from grammer and words spoken
Uh hustla I was born and raised
With the knowlege that you gotta do what you gotta to get paid
Can't respect game
I'll see you on the grind
Same heart same passion it's my three of a kind
It's TWIZTID and yuh boy proof from the dirty dozen this shit was destined to happen don't ever say it wasn't

Please belive it we sit and re-think it
Spit flames just blow your mind and re-heat it re-seaded
Slim nov for cons fifty knee beezy
And necro jigga it's d tweezy
Tiwztid we bees the misfits
Keep squeezin bisquits
Street clean the district
This means restricted
Family nah ambity time
You cross one of them you cross me I'm layin you down


[Monoxide Child:]
Affiliated with sum folks that most of ya'll ain't really heard of it's keepin me secret just like a murder
With blurred vision I'm undercover like burn victims witta temper like a pitbull waitin my turn sick em'
Lickin my chaps why you sit in the same spot like street sighns while I resurect the whole east side
That's how I live and you can love it or leave it
But for you to do what I do it'd take your whole life to achieve it

My cousins from other mothers they dozens they brothers of us mother that icp be feared recoverd that gang among us
Pac and big is the world
Wipein balde exhaust
Tryin to repair the damages and managin they j and ob
So wish to esham
Detroit in these palms
We tryin to get back to these local cats to point where there from
So I spit it how I'm in it a minute how I spit it forever walked in it let's get it how we live it it's good

[Chorus x2]

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