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Twiztid - I Remember

[Jamie Madrox]
I remember when people used to break on me
Saying anything I do would never make money
And everything I do would always be wack
And every word they spoke, a knife in my back
I remember watching "Evil Dead"
At 4 o'clock in the morning, every night all summer
Sitting in the dark trying to game on hoes
For a chance to dip my thang dank in some nanny hole
I remember my first piece of ass
She lived in Detroit, she was white trash
But I fell in love like a big old fool
I remember driving that dumb bitch to night school
I remember the first time me and Jeremy gave weed a try
Oh, what a surprise
Bloodshot eyes
It's all a bunch of lies
We said it didn't work and we wasn't even high

[Monoxide Child]
I remember shit, but don't remember a lot
But I remember the house behind the parking lot
And I remember the first day that I met Madrox
From then it was on like Kirk and Spock
And I remember all the people and the things they say
And I remember when I see them, they gon' die that day
And I remember when my mama said watch my back
And I remember who to look out for now in fact
I remember the first day that I hit the green weed
I remember that it's us against the world indeed
And I can remember the very first girl that I fucked
And I can really remember how bad it sucked
And I can remember the day that I took that vow
To bring the world the wicked shit the way that I know how
And I remember all the shows and all the love we got
And I remember buying three for 25 at the weed spot
I remember me and Jeremy used to fight and shit
And I remember all the bites and busted lips
I remember enough to get by
If you feeling what I'm saying, throw your hatchet in the sky

[Chorus 5x]
Seasons change and summer turns to fall
Every minute of my life, I remember it all
Happy and sad
Good and the bad
Every day we spent and all the times we had

[Long inhale of weed]
Smoke Break

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