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Twiztid - Introduction

The following program has been rated nc-17 by the riaa certification board.
No persons under the age of 17 will be addmited without parent or legal gaurdian.
And now, the feature presentation.

Fighting broke out over night between rival faction
iniatial reports claim jet fighter bombed a guerilla base killing at least 49 soldiers and 13 civilians.

I mean i was just sitting there and they walked up on my porch with a draft thats fucking insane i don't
even know how to fight it

Stand up for your country we need you to fight my war and i'm not gonna tell you what it's about

It's more or less a mockery a hipocrasy of americas society

I was just sittin' on my porch it came up out the field then there was a bright light

Alien life forms do exist and there is recommended documentation proving the fact that they in existense
and do live in outer space
You can argue the points but the proof is there

For the love of Christ we put our faith and our profit into our son

I was told never to talk about what happened on that day when i was abducted (coughing) the courts and my
lawyers suggested that i keep it to myself for a large cash settlemet

Myth myth myth...

This is not a test i repeat this is not a test you must take shelter immediantly any kind of cover you
have seek it. This broadcast is on behalf of all of our safety
God bless and god speed - we're all gonna die

Right here we are sorted by the maker depending on the karma of the spirit shall reveal the destination

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