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Twiztid - Monster's Ball

feat. Insane Clown Posse

[Jamie Madrox:]
Showed up in a red stretch hearse full of vampires
Blood red rims straight rollin' on flat tires
Screachin to a halt sparks spittin at tha paparazzi
Reload ya flash bulbs for the dead bodies
Severed bitches and human abominations
Lined up behind the velvet rope wavin they invitations
One by one they all pile in
Find they seats and wait for the ceremony to begin
When the lights fall its just like nightfall
Unable to see a single thing in front of ya eyeballs
All you can hear is screach from the audience
As the victims up in the pits gettin robbed of they innocence
Shit i love the terror in up in V.I.P
With these vampire bitches takin hits of mutant extasy
Spilt the blood the torch is lit
Compared to the monster's ball yo bash aint shit

Now who wanna go to the ball (I do)
The wicked ass monster's ball (thats who)
Tell me who wanna go to the ball (I do)
I bet you'll never see the door
Now who wanna go to the ball (I do)
The wicked ass monster's ball (thats who)
Tell me who wanna go to the ball (I do)
The horrors been here waiting just for you

[Violent J:]
Its all ready, my suit of skin is made of dead hooker hoes
With the tattoos still in tact, bitch take a look at those
I showed up, the dead woke when i pulled up
Walked a bloody red carpet, behind me it rolled up
Check my name at the gate bitch I'm V D peezy
I died for these tickets, it wasnt easy
They cost me my soul
Somebody said the reapers the DJ
Pitch dark is the dance floor and deadly the seeway
Creatures and hotties hot steppin over dead bodies
Demons above pissin fire on the party
Gimme a triple shot of snake blood 2 times
A ceremony of creeps and freaks and blew minds
Somebodies eyeball landed in my drink i chugged it
Cuz at this place we all up to kid
Spill the blood cuz the torch is lit
Compared to monster's ball yo bash aint shit


I pull up in a pickup truck with werewolves
Step out leanin on a cane made of deer hoves
Im covered in blood and holdin a grudge
Against these motherfuckers from who I am constantly judged
But down here homies tonights the night
We all come together and celebrate the end of ya life
Awarded for the evil and spite
Enogurated for the demonic insanity portrayed when i write
How can i say it, I'm just so elated to be here
Paparazzi flashin for pictuers, wish they would leave here
Carpet covered in carnage and red like liquorice
And every step you take your hearin the blood squish
I just saw a chick who was missin half of her cheek, chin, and her lip
Handin out free drinks and cigarettes
It must be startin, the torches are being lit
The monster's ball is the shit
And yo ass aint invited biyatch


[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
My arm extended, elbow bent, hoes cant ignore
Clutchin to the past on pimp ridin across the floor
Floating er'where in sheer elegence
5 years expired still scrubbin still laborin
Make a hole in the dance floor its time for work
My bitch started booty up and MC walkin
Secret handshakin straight teen wolfin
Grabbin titties that feel like drips of puddin
But you gotta love it, its invite only
Checkin my neck for vampire bites on me
Can't get the fuckin hustle started though
Come on man less limbs missin on Vietnam veterins
I seen Dr.Jeckle spiking the punch with formaldahyde
Backing down got smacked by Mr. Hyde
Without an invite mother fucka, don't come
Monsterous balls in your mouth, get the fuck on bitch

Come on come on [x3] Monster's Ball [x2]
{All the people dead all the people bloody [x4]
All the people dead all the people bloody at the Monster's Ball}

[Chorus x3]

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