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Twiztid - Stardust

Im not here now, gimme a call back, leave me a message
tell me what the fuck is goin on, Alright peace.

Oh my god, I just had a fuckin' dream about this shit
called 'Stardust', dog. Me and you are gonna change
the world, We're gonna be the new Ron Popeil. Our
commercials on every channel, I'm telling you this
shit is fuckin'.... And did uh, Lavel call you talking
about a place to stay or something? I think he said
he's gonna kill his moms, man call me back dog.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen have a seat
I'm about to show you a product, everyone is sure to need
This product I have right here, is small and light in weight
And can be concealed in any handbag or briefcase
We're not sure just what it does
But the response has been overwhelming, from clients that tell us
"If it wasn't for this here product and so on...."
Man, there's so many letters, and they go on and on
It's a miracle in a bottle, and it sells itself
If you got problems in life, this here product can help
This opportunity is golden, I'm holding in my hand
The key to a brand new life, for those who have a shilling or two
And been compelled by the product
And intrigued, about what it can do for you
Honest, it's the last case I got, and when they're gone, they're gone
Take a chance with stardust, it'll fix whatever's wrong

[Chorus: x2]
Nothing can be better than this
It only cost what you're spending on it
It's absolutely not a hustle or fraud
You're either buying, or you're moving along

What's this ya ask, I can't say
'Cause what I'm selling here today, effects each in a different way
And I'd be glad to give you a little sample, but a dabble isn't ample
And plus if people see, then I get trampled
Grab hold of my hand ma'am, and walk with me
Don't go hiding in the back, and try to talk to me
I can see 'em start to well up in your eyes
Like raindrops falling from the sky, give it a try
And how about you,
Ain't ya sick of being picked on for nothing?
Well I'm gonna tell you what to do,
Ain't you sick of being pushed, hit, kicked, and even spit on
Well get you some of this, and then tell them haters to get on
Now I been living off the stuff,
That we been selling for some time now
And look at me, I'm finer than a line now
I didn't come to pull the wool over your eyes,
But if you're looking for a change, then it's finally arrived

[Chorus x2]

[Madrox & Monoxide:]
Come with us as we embark, on a tale of a
'Cause if you got money, you're a potential customer
Have you ever seen something unbelievable in your life?
Probably not, but people are ready to buy
Anything, from anybody, any time at all
Snake oils, wristwatch, stardust, he got it all
And it's all half off, and everything has to go
It's a limited time offer, 'cause funds are running real low
Before you wake up, we're already gone
On our way, another town, another story evolves
And it's been done for so long, that I don't even feel wrong
It's second nature, it's as easy as just walking along
I never tie myself down, to anything I couldn't leave
In less than twenty seconds, and believe
I won't forget it, I'm just a hustler, you can trace it in my bloodlines
Ask them for the name of the greatest, I bet they say mine

[Chorus: repeats]

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