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Twiztid - That's Wicked

The daring daylight escape of the two convicted murderers, dope pushers. Cost the lives of two prison guards, and surprisingly, The life of a German Shepard.

I seen guys with there heads cut off, blown up, burnt, shot, stabbed, poisoned,
Hanged, run over by trains - cars blown up. Fuckin', you name it, I seen it.

Keep it wicked like six witches, fives skulls and one kettle
Let it boil till it scorch and burn the instrumental
People kill, we the hottest - your temperature fittin' rise
As we take these microphones and then blacken our fuckin' eyes

I got an axe in my hand
Mixed with idle chatter
From the talkin' in my hand tellin' me to make the blood spatter
Climbin' up a ladder and I'll hang 'em on a hook
Diabolical on every life I took

That's wicked

Travel underground in the fire like hell spawn
And posses a muhfucker to murder ya on your lawn
Pick up a cell phone tell the devil your comin' home
But I keep gettin' disconnected cause my minds on pro
Everybody dies when your fuckin' with psycho's
All alone at midnight might slice your throat

Sick and deranged
Words are irrelevant
Knife cuts clean through the skin to the skeleton
Consistent like residual haunts
Like them wicked wannabe's with flyers and bloody thoughts
We stay eternal - Vampiric when you hear it
As we seepin' through the speakers tryna' grab hold of your spirit

That's wicked [x2]

Split tongue, sick one, I spit son
Moonlightin' with the shadows of lost souls and victims
Parish in the horrible darkness
I'm heartless
And I don't have a conscience to start with
I'm marked with an X as a symbol of greatness
To hate this will only explain all of your fakeness
Watch me blaze this place with the strike of a match
And disappear in the form of a bat

The wickeds' given vertigo
Controllin' the horizontal and vertical
On the path of the pinnacle of my sinister ritual
I'm dangerous, repetitious like déjà vu
Meanin' I been here before and already know what I'm a do
Fallin' faster - furious winds
Seein' faces on the wall laced with hideous grins
Eyes blinkin' at me lips movin' countin' the sins
A million arms at the bottom are wavin' me all in

That's wicked
That's wicked

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