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Twiztid - What Ya Really Want

Alright it's time to change the mood up a little bit,
This one right here,
This is the one that you play when your trying to let her know that it goes no longer than tonight.
Just that one special night, no strings attached,
Just me an you, or actually you an whoever you may be trying to kick it to, that's this one

Stop! Oh tell me what you really want, you be lookin at me like your interested.
Gone crazy when you tell me what you really want gimme half a second an we be undressing,
(Ohhh) rejection I cannot deal with hearts have been broken,
(Ohhh) aggression building inside me soaked in emotion.

[Verse 1: Madrox]
You so selfish probably want me all to yourself tired of being helpless,
Did I make your wish-list, still look interested an not pissed,
Sprung you like a jack in the box, when I was handling my business,
Now it's back up, so many skanked asses indecent proposals and formal advances,
Many mixed drinks looking like fishing hooks with bait on the end hoping that she don't wanna be friends,
If she do than I'm moving on to the next one,
Hoping her pink fund got a little room for my love gun,
Ya know that I'm loaded an I never shoot blanks so spend the night with me an in the mornin you'll be thankful.


[Verse 2: Monoxide]
All I really wanna do to you lock up in a hotel room,
Get a bit of that good weed, an fuck till we both can't move,
Don't matter who you came with, even if you his main bitch,
I just wanna get a little bit freaky, an hopefully you on the same shit,
Wonder how we make it so you boyfriend will never know,
Housekeeping ya mouth closed like ya used to do with yo legs,
(Ohh) gotta lift something like windows, tellin all of her kinfolk,
All of that I had I got the word right back to the reason that your hear for,
Ever heard of the thing in the hood that the real is callin low low,
But that's somebody cuzin for ya in to rollin solo,
Just want to let ya know for the turn of all the lights,
It's ya last chance to roll with the player of my caliber of my likeness.


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