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Twiztid - Whatz That!?!

Microphone check, 1, check 2 now what dat feel like?

They say were just a couple in the way, ass, talkin way too fast, and all our shit it sound
like trash.
You cant see us, replicate us and try to be
us,envonius swab meet, twoo stripe adidas, now what
choo holdin down, dog yo whole style is sunk, yo
rhymes is wack yo shit dont bump, you say im hatin,
hell naw im jsut tellin teh deal, and since i hate you
then i dont give a fuck how you feel, we keep ya dead
jumpin, put yo hands up in the air, you can diss the
un-real, cuz the un-real dont really care,we dont give
a fuck, load bodies off in the trunk,everyday is
prolly the 13th wit bad luck, somehow we made it
through, dont know how, somehow we do, without relyin
on radios or interviews, where my killas at? Middle
fingers in the air, and we spreadin the numbers
everyday so be prepared.

What thats? thats what its like, and I dont want
nobody to know, (nobody)
What's that? thats what its like and I dont want nobody
to know (nobody) [4x]

I cut ya eye ball out wit an exact-o blade, you still
couldnt see my freek show my state, levitate up in
the middle of the room and have everybody shakin in
they kung-fu shoes, i got, madrox wit me packin a
bowl, I got, 17 keepin one in the hole, I got a ,
stash spot that I keep on the low, in case I gotta put
in work on a bitch ass Jugghoe, people sending me the
death threats, but i got somethin for you fake ass
bitches better believe that, my axe swinging I got ya
blood on my face, witcha body still floppin cut in
half at the waist, its like, deeper than a mad man,
shit it aint nouttin to lose but my shell and you can
have dat, never void, muhfucka never die, wit tha axe
and the pistol representin the East Side


we got the dialect, to dialate yo intellect, we teach
of love and hate without no textbook or no internet,
we stomp on waves(waves) play in the graves (graves)
adn the take the minds of poserless and knee it at
your face, Man define minda frames, everyone is king,
and the pressures of the world are crumbled by teh
words we sing, I ain't content Im pissed and sick off
all this bullshit we all up in yo face, run up on this

WE aint the trance or the millenium, I cann tell ya
dat, you can keep that freestyle rap and back back, we
are the drama seekers, lookin for non -believers, we
walk and water and clouds, and slit the dream weavers,
I hope ya glad to meet us, now get a blaze up, you
jsut a hounddog, stalk bitch, so raise up, you outta
mind outta body, outta spirt, outta rhyme, sneak up on
you in teh dark from behind


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