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Twiztid - Whoop-Whoop

I'm untouchable
16 ways to die but I rather just cut your throat
Breathe through hate try to date rape but you can't wait to cremate
I take lives with steak knives with such relieve
So many cuts There's nothing left to touch
And I walk with the family
Minset on causulties
I'm putting fear in your eyes
So you had to see that it had to be a mass suicide at your gathering
What a catastrophe
Front page blame it on us
Scapegoat with all the twiztid we trust
And the tour bus heading towards the white house lawn
I can only be the scapegoat for so long
You can clear bongs while I clear channel
My show is sick like guts and brain matter

[Chorus x2: Monoxide]
Whoop Whoop
Y'all can never do what I do
Whoop Whoop
Even if I became you
Whoop Whoop
You gotta let go of that envy
'cause on your best day you'll never be me


[Chorus x2: Madrox]


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