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Tyga - LovaGain

Looking for love again
Looking or love again
Everybody has a story
This is mine

I think I start something
No check just start fucking
Kind of early but I know we both love it
We both rush it we can add titles but then we both [?]
Rolling in the seats till midnight morning
I am gonna go down South then call the [?]
Pussy big like [?] I am gonna eat it good
Like something from the lords all good like a summer day
Blowing up the cake blowing over '
She really shouldn't but she [?] to the lifestyle
TIC ecstasy ion the white cells
Hey hear me now
Hear she [?] some niggers [?] pick up
Pretty low princess now she is promiscuous
Supposed to be my niggers out [?] fucking niggers
I ain't tripping I am gonna get another bitch
I don't need this shit is too hard to end this shit
I rather stay [?] and then we fall in love again
We fall in love again
Real nigger got hoes on my dick
Could stay with my eyes closed
Now I see him ain't nothing worth it though
Rather be with you than out here a lonely soul
On the road between the hoes bitches I don't know
[?] camera phones [?] the shit get low I just hope we are still involve
I just hope we are still in love
In love with you
Hope we fall in love again
Hope we fall in love again

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