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Tyga - Sayin This

[Lil Wayne:]
(Let my lil niggaz holla at ya'll t.y.g.a yung mulah baby)

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Da color on da beat trick or treat all my bitches give like halloween pussy fiend savior every flavor lik jelly beans who it be candyman say my fuckin name in three Tyga... Tyga Tyga Tyga man gotta remember me father of my team no nothin other den ballin niggas talk sweet to dey head lik an almond knots on ya bald head knots in my pockets dem b da old days now it's in deposits for da love of money like da ojs in da 20's fuckin yung money getting every dollar junkies a dozen brothers how must it feel as a mother of ya lil pumkin bitch gettin smashed niggas takin numbers so many in line u could probably u would will die dis black friday nigga sales over bitches boat full of benjis sell it to da fijes me I'm neva empty I free da gently I spin it dat a risk fact a limp back gold medals on my skinny skin color money

Fuckin eh don't believe he sayin this shit let's go

[Verse 2:]
Better believe he don't eat it I deliver lik a pizza heat of da moment homies I get flat lik addidas I need a, endorsement deal lik jesus team say he got game ias fly n des sneakers malabas dey be singing cocunuts got em drinkin most of dem puke up dat eitha money I b eatin should I take a bow encore I'm thinkin bout dis rap in my bows on dis track I shit it out

Fuckin eh don't believe he sayin this shit Tyga Tyga

[Verse 3:]
Whos da next rumper? shake dat ass on my bubba gumper neva talks she jus fucks lik bella dona porn starer face shots lik bad boxers she take da kids lee lik key morer damn inconsiderate she say my knees hurtin but don't even care lik no insurance borin hatin ass biches jus ignore dem evict out dey apartments look wut your in georgy amonie corton I'm performer my mojos cold jo far from a boras u ain't neva seen a bling lik dis before me get chips mine lik theodore alvin simon american idol could'ntmake a star shine bright like I do

Fuckin eh don't believe he sayin this shit yung money [beat fades]

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