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Tyler The Creator - Golden

[Intro: Dr. TC]
Tyler you obviously have some fucking problems
And this is the end of this session, let's anything else you've gotta say?

[Verse 1:]
Mom is getting jealous I see my manager more
Than I see her before, I go on tour and it hurts
I miss the days when this was fun but now it turned into work
They getting legal, so now I gotta watch the shit that I blurt out
My friends are turning into opposites
Because my life is turning into opposite of sloppy wrist
And all the bitches who forget about me want to ride my dick
Harder than the white kids that copy shit
Ending it is all I fucking think about, that's the shit I think about
All alone, bawling 'til my mothafuckin' eyes bleed
See, he's a leader in person and smile, shit gets disgursting
When there's no person around, talking discussion shit, man
Fuck, I'm putting myself at a distance
For instance, my best friend is now my fucking assistant
Niggas saying "Free Earl" without even knowin' him
See, they're missing the new album, I'm missing my only friend

When I say Odd, y'all say Future
Odd... uh-uh, that shit's corny as fuck
(Tyler, you have a cult following)
To these white kids?

[Verse 2:]
Charbroiled nigga on these dark beats
Nashes with the Nazis but it's normal what the cops see
Awesome at his concert, but he never had a pop, see
Mommy was a living single queen with a lot tee
So while my wallet's piling with some [?] colored paper
I lace her, cause she gave me such a lot at such a young age
20, why didn't she get that abortion?
Probably cause that motherfuckin embryo was morphing
Into a Grammy winning schizophrenic fucking orphan
Oops I meant bastard, a skinny ass disaster
Mom works hard, still working on her masters
Son lies about, taking classes at community college
Just to record some bullshit he calls Bastard
Start a fuckin cult, clash his talents in a brash way
Before he even had a mustache and cash
And all I got was a fuckin' shitty article in Thrasher

I'm not crazy, I'm a fucking table, I'm a fucking table!

[Verse 3:]
I'm a grab the Nina and find a nice arena
Cause I can't even choose between Ortega or Suprema
And I'm not even human, I'm a body shaped demon
With some semen in my sack and some problems in the back
And a life that's full of crap, and a finger filled with hate
And a gat that's filled with love, now let opposites attract
I can finally be one like a marriage in a church
But this marriage has a hearse and the parents of the one
That's getting married has a curse and it's made up inside of him
Too late to reimburse but, wait it gets worse
All the guests that's in the church, all decided to disperse
So there was nobody who could stop the wedding with converse
So they tied the knot, now it's too late to reverse
This arrangement (Yes it is) and the nurse is amazed at the hurt
That he was painting but it was obvious in all the photos
He was paining, now a bunch of whispering immerse

And then the nurse blurts
(What the fuck is his problem, here, we have two doses to give him, here)
Why didn't anybody ask him first?
(I've been asking you this whole time)
Because nobody gave a fuck
(Someone gave a fuck Tyler
And, uh, the person that gave a fuck was me
See, you're not, going crazy, it's me, I'm your best friend Tyler
I know everything, I know everything about you
You've been helping yourself this whole time
Your friends, they're just figments of your imagination
Dr. TC, see Tyler, I'm your conscience
I'm Tron Cat, I'm Ace, I'm Wolf Haley, I'm...)

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