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Tyler The Creator - Rest Stop Flow

[BranDun DeShay:]
Oh, I got that Alexander the Great type imperial flow
Butterfingers, I'm droppin' bars like my signal is low
A car full of O's, lookin' like a cereal bowl
He hear me everywhere (I'm everywhere)
But I ain't stereo though
I hear they waitin' for my downfall
They talkin' again
Shit, I tell 'em fall back like it's Autumn again
I know they waitin' for my reply
But that's all that you'll get
I got my mind on bigger shit
Tell 'em adiós then
I'm doin' this for the niggas before me
Life's a bitch, but God forbid that that bitch divorce me
Fuckin' with these AND1 hoes, they quick to cross me
They found out the hard way
I guess they lost me
I'm feelin' quite bossly now
I don't need love
Walkin' on air with my feet up
A thousand feet up
I've been telling' them "speak up."
Cause the money talkin'
It's kinda hard to hear with all of these hundreds talkin'
Everyday I be shinin'
Ask the weatherman
Now it's girls on my jock like a letterman
I'm just doin' it the best
If that means I do it better than
Well fuck it, whatever then
All day, branDun DeShay

[Casey Veggies:]
I'm chillen with the homies
Real talks, real conversations
Most y'all speakin' on what girl that nigga datin'
I only speak to her if she say she facin'
I hope she ain't got braces
Make her keep goin' till I tell her she amazin'
Casey keep spittin'
Got these hatas walkin' mazes
I used to play games
Now I'm playin' for the payment
Born in '93, but my girl from the '80s
Had to say it again to 'em
Lot of niggas tried to stop me but I ran through 'em
Lot of niggas didn't believe I waved my hands to 'em
Now everybody know exactly what the man doin'
Grown man music
Pump it loud, go ahead and make a grand to it
I just grab my pen and pad and let my hands do it
It's Odd Future till I stop
You heard my first music
Now when you come and see me rock
Bring a hearse to it
You niggas...

[Tyler, The Creator:]
Ignorant, Atheist, sound like a fuckin' monster
Tall, skinny, lanky
Bucket fuck it, badass posse
Cops with angel wings in Hell
Where they discounted murder
With the Devil, he was formal
And some Polo and some Dockers
Dancin' with him, playin' vengeance, Cindi Lauper
With some Crips in all red, like they playin' Red Lobster
My bitch is White Italian, and be exact
Mobster is her father
And he'll kill me when he find out I'm readin' her Harry Potter, fuck him
I'm a demon, fill your daughter up with semen
With Supreme embroidered logos
Makin' fun of homos cause it's funny
Tommy rugby Hilfiger screaming nigger with the Klux
I'm a fuckin' Nazi with a condom, barely give a fuck
Odd Future Wolf Gang Fuck Lame, '91
We hockey fuckin' hogs and hit you with the Wolf Gang puck
Trucks thunder, now she's in the trunk
Wondering why she's 'bout to get rape and chopped up, lumber
He said write a sixteen, but she was seventeen
And I'm only eighteen and that statutory rape
And if you fuckin' snitch on me
I guess I'll make the great escape
To have a date with your dead body
And I cannot be late
Might do a Ted Bundy I consider y'alls a haughty
If they find me at my home guess I gotta fuckin' roam
All alone in the streets, gotta hustle drugs for food
Gotta sell beats for clothes if I really wanna eat
Fuck You
OFM bangin' on your motherfuckin' FM
Fuck Tammy
Fuck Tammy

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