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Tyler The Creator - Tina

feat. Jasper Dolphin and Taco Bennett

[Verse 1: Jasper]
Niggas at the fuckin' mall, niggas where my fuckin' drawers?
Think I'm happy? Think I'm sad? Bitch you fuckin' know my dad
He wears his pants up in his ass, touch his ass, grab his dick
You's a fag, you like that shit, O.F. is the fuckin' click
I'm goin' off the top of the brain
Nigga don't know how to rap but I'm in the game
Fuck that shit, I don't give a fuck
I'm back up in the fuckin' club, niggas know I'm at the mall
Eatin' chips with my drawers, how you doing? How you fall?

Swag, swag, swag, swag
Tina perm your fuckin' weave

[Verse 2: Tyler]
Eat my ass, lick my balls
Bitch I'm in the fuckin' mall, with my niggas eatin' ham
Bitch I got that fuckin' swag, you don't know my fuckin' dad
I don't know my fuckin' dad, what is this a fuckin' purse?
I ain't fuckin' Mexican, but we can have sex again
With your sister with no rubber (Alexis' real name is Alex)
What the fuck? That's your fuckin' brother? I ain't with that jerkin' shit
Unless it's Steve Harvey's buff sister tryna jerk my dick


[Verse 3: Taco]
I'm with your girlfriend eatin' chips
Um, stop the beat, bitch...
Alright, yeah, nigga, I was in the mall
With my niggas bustin' triggers, yeah, swag


Bitches, hoes, weaves, leather jackets
Bitches, weaves, hoes, leather jackets
Bitches, weaves, hoes, swag

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