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Niggas is blessed
I'ma put a bike track in the zipline at the other, other crib
GolfWang's doing amazing, might open up another store
The floor is going insane, it smell good, nail polish
Converse, Gucci
Camp Flog Gnaw one of the best festivals
I'm healthy, my skin glowin', my friends healthy
I'm fuckin' who, what, when, where
Carin' Alex Moss 'bout to drop off some new pieces
I'm out here scorin' commercials, movie soon
We writin' shows, man, life is fuckin' beautiful
I done fell in love and th-th-the
The only flaw is my fuckin' hair won't grow
It's been like two years and this shit like two inches
Come and get lost with me, man, come, come, come see the world
When you, when you really get out there
Call me, I'll be there
And I don't take gests like that, I'm scared to go broke, so
I don't take none of this shit for granted

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