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Tyler - CORSO

feat. The Creator

You see (Oh)
On this here stage tonight is something legendary (Yo)
He goes by the name of The Creator (Crazy)
You too, you call him Tyler Baudelaire (Look)

I be talkin' that fresh, shit, I don't need gum (No)
Cookie crumbs in the rolls, never no weed crumbs (No)
He ain't talk to his bitch in three days (No)
It ain't gotta be this way, I'm down for the threesome (Woo)
I might buy a boat, nigga (Yeah)
Depends if Capri got space, don't really need one
I could go in the wintertime, baby, I be some
Find another nigga like me 'cause I ain't seen one (Tell 'em, no)
Pull up in that, uh, whatchamacallit? (Nyoom)
Played a couple demos at Madison Square Garden
And tell them motherfuckers at Sony I'm not callin'
I'm plottin' on a billy chilly in my garden, yo

I have made it
They just been playin' with you niggas here
T, I think you need to load that second clip

[?], uh, French [?] on
She say she like the voice and I'm like "Which one? I got two, hun"
Look (Let's go)
Catch me in my other, other, other, other crib, that's my AKA
Hurricane [?] the view, shit like "A Bay Bay!" (Bang)
[?] passport got tattoos [?]
Nigga big dick with a fuckin' gap tooth
The way you been (Money, right)
They call me Mr. Always On Some Shit You Never Seen (Huh)
In that mansion livin' single, bitch, I'm Maxine
Niggas [?] shit and talk
Give a fuck about you dawgs, call me if you get lost, bitch

Okay, now you understand what we came here to do, right?
Oh yeah, me, I go by the name of DJ Drama
And on my side, that's Tyler Baudelaire
AKA Bunnyhop
AKA The Creator
Call me if you get lost, suckers (Hahaha)
We didn't come to play with' you niggas (Look)

Look, tried to take somebody bitch 'cause I'm a bad person
I don't regret shit because that - worth it
In the end, she picked him, I hope when they fuckin'
She still thinkin' of me 'cause I'm that perfect
I'ma get that deep text [?] sure fact
Better send it to my ego 'cause that shit hurtin'
But your shit workin' (True story), I'm a psycho, hun
Don't give a fuck, you left my heart twerkin'
Movin', losin' grip on my doin's
Eyes is cryin' on the jet, cruise if
'Bout to sweat millions just to fill voids up
Drama, I need you (Yessir), can you turn the noise up?
Can you turn the noise up? Can you turn the noise up? (Go, go, go)
Turn the fuckin' noise up-, ahh, nigga, my heart broken
Remember I was rich so I bought me some new emotions
And a new boat 'cause I rather cry on the ocean
It's T, baby, uh

Hahahaha, I tried to tell y'all
I don't even like using the word 'bitch'
It just sounded cool

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