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Ladies and gentlemen
We just landed in Geneva
Yeah, that's in Switzerland
We on a yacht
A young lady just fed me French vanilla ice cream
We all got our toes out, too
Call me when you get lost

I'ma travel the globe, you keep the block hot
Driver, open the door for me, my hand hurt
Founders, we playin' hide-and-seek with the passport
Where the fuck we at? Oh, the parlor gotta remind us, yeah
The luggage is pilin', I need a close-to-us
Many stinky sit in my wallet, look like a folden chair
The Cartier so light on my body thought I floated here
We bolded here, it's Tunechi and Tyler but call me Baudelaire, yeah
Out in Switzerland, travel with my bitch, yeah, we kissin', dawg
I love when she let me rub her like Michelin
A hundred grand to sleep on a bird, the wings are whistlin' like-
Man, they ain't listenin'
Cross the line like immigrants and benefit from it
Keep on stuntin' on these niggas, make 'em sick to they stomach, man (I can't stop it)
Y'all don't understand, fish so fresh that you could taste the same
Yeah, we gettin' lost but we know who we am (True story)
By the, by the, by the, by the some-some-somethin'
Treat that last part like you niggas ain't sayin' nothin'

Yeah, haha
You see these excursions right here?
Just too lavish to post on the 'Gram (Gangsta Grillz)
Uh (Tunechi)

Excuse me, pardon me, the wind, it blow so hard to me
Like mother nature arguing about some baby father beepin'
I'm stuck in the middle of the sandwich like slaughter meat
Got my middle fingers to the cameras, that's what Carter meet, from y'all to me
Brrt, stop callin' me unless you're ordering
I'm on the beat, check out my feet out, and I stay on my feet
The corner beat, I'm on a deep route, just throw the ball to me
Though all this lean will have me senile, I guess they see now
Let's touch down, catch a beat-down like I catch touchdowns
I fuck 'round and slow the beat down and take the drums out
The speed of my poems are great, I'ma eat my own flow
And I'm in need of a [?] eat me a rapper, I might as well eat me a ho
I'm hot as hell when the weather is freezin' the cold, as the devil and demon and ghost
I'ma get even and even, get even some more, it's too late to even get low, baow
Wolf gang, wolf gang, that's what I need you to know
Mula, Weezy the goat
The wind beneath my wings, Desert Eagle underneath my coat
Yeah, Mula (Bitch)

(Are we?)
You see
We just over here admirin' the view of the mountains from the lake
Of course
Y'all know it's Wolf Haley man, stop fuckin' playin'!

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