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Tyler - SAFARI

Destination: remote
But I've been everywhere
Only thing we ain't traveled
Is time (Yeah)

The bull wreckers smell like bleach
I could travel where I want
I'm accustomed, clean, and customed
It ain't custom I don't come
Free the bird to the truck
I [?] water to Stuartus
Bought a control, that's some stupid shit
Stayin' at home I hate
Runaway love but I'm no Ludacris
Sippin' on Menti, take my shoes off
Then we take off and I snooze off
Until I land, know I'm four grand
And I wake up, have to droop off
Got my passport in my weak hand
I'ma peel off, get a sweet tan
Loafers filled with beef sand
We climb 'til we find the peace sign
Fuck all the checks from the calls, get a passport
Seer the world, open your eyes 'til your back hurt
Niggas get bread and won't leave, shit is backwards
Start with your feet then I caught an ample
Get our your bubble-gum
Blow up horizons, sun
Slither in the Alps or go to the Mesullah
Or two hundred pinnacle scuba and Cuba
[?] like keycode
Oversee the sea, all the things that you could see
Like them languages I speak, out in Paris for a week
Take my nephews out Tunis, they like "Who?" I'm like "Me"

Globally recognized
Catch us if you can
Are you keeping up?
Once in a lifetime
This what it sounds like when the moon and the sun collide
Speakin' out of [?]
We're just lightyears ahead

Every car retarded, the garage look like a looney bin
What coupe he in depends on the fit and the type of mood he in (Uh)
I been switchin' gears since Tracee Ellis Ross was UPN
Clutched then he stroked, got to know her like a droopy grin (Uh)
Huh, took that GRAMMY home, couldn't lose again
The suit was so sharp that it could get Medusa coochie trim (Uh)
Hov talkin' 'bout a hundred million, nigga, loot me in
Like, "Who that young rich handsome nigga with the gooey skin?" (Uh)
Mama named him Tyler and his brothers call him T
And the bank, they call him when that wire clear like season three or somethin' (Uh)
Skateboard named him bunny hop, it's Baudelaire Wolfie though
The felines name him Al for how long he eat the- (Pussy) wait a minute (Uh)
Pink wolfer scuff quickly, FI cost a buck sixty
I'll keep it a buck fifty, y'all can't really fuck with me (Uh)
Bitch, I got the and I'ma own it 'til they bury him
Only twenty-nine but I've been focused since thirty M (Uh)

Call me if you get lost (Gangsta Grillz)
And like that (Uh)
We gone

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