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Tyler - Special

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker
Anything that'll piss you muthafuckas off
I don't even smoke and I'm a level up of all of y'all
Bitch, you couldn't reach me with a ladder and a calling card

I'm special, nigga
Who the fuck are you?!
I'm special, nigga

They used to tell me to calm down, said I have a problem
Now I'm runnin' shit, that's why you never see me wearin' joggers
Lead by example, how?
All y'all is my son and I ain't never had a fuckin' father
Boy, I'mma bring the noise
I got my own beat and we all got drums
What these weapons about? We're just flexin' about
You on your grind who the one that got the wep at their house?
Bitch, I do this on purpose, you niggas don't got a purpose
This nigga call me a clown, nigga I own the circus
Stack is sittin' in my pocket folded up like a papaya
You know I golf bitch like I been sleepin' with Tiger
Woody woody, my mob, mob is goodie we Oddkast
We o-K-K-K just like the clan
Hoodie golf shit packet, rip it out the fuckin' package
In that all pink fit lookin' like a fuckin' faggot
Who the fuck you think you fuckin' with, nigga!?
I'm a bad case of I don't even know
I'm about to tear the shit out this goddamn house
I think I'm about to blow my muthafuckin' brains out
Tyler, take a chill pill, nigga

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