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Tynisha Keli - Imprisoned

How Do I Hide My Scars
I'm Drowning From The Pain
I Wish I Could Escape
But There's No Way Out
Your Lies Are Engraved In My Heart
Now I'll Never Be The Same
And I'm Border Line Insane
Cause There's No Such Thing As Accepting We're Done
My Brain Is Unhinged I'm Officially Gone
I'm Being Held Without Bail
My Head Is My Prison Cell
Finally Got A Taste Of Emotional Hell

Always Had A Different Vision
From The Sentence I Was Given
Never Thought I'd Be Imprisoned
Why You Do Me Like That
My Common Sense Has Left The Planet
It's Impossible To Grab It
If I'm Not Freed From This Straight Jacket
Tell Me Why'd You Go And Do Me Like That

After All The Purple Hearts
I'm Losing This War
I've Fallen To The Floor (I Surrender)
And I'm Only Halfway Through
Now It's Me Vs. Myself
I'm Overdue For Help

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