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Tyrese - Broke Ass Niggas

What's up yo? You know who you've reached. Do me a favor, leave me a message after
The tone and as soon as I'm able to call you back I'll hit you back. If I don't call
You right back I'm probably travelin. Aight, God Bless.

I'm tired of these broke ass niggas calling my phone (leave me a message)
I ain't gon ever be home leave a message after the tone (I'll make sure I call you back)
Man I'm tired of these broke ass niggas calling my phone
(Make sure you leave me a message)
I ain't gon ever be home leave a message after the tone (I'll call you back God Bless ya)

I just got off a 12 hour flight from London. As soon as I land it never fails somebody
Need somethin. I think this moneybag's a gift and a curse. It's like the more I make the
Beggin get worse. It's not that Tyrese or Black-Ty was born in money. I was tired of bein
Broke down, hungry and lonely. I was thinking I should go ahead and rob me a nigga.
Tried to work, they don't wanna give a job to a nigga. So I had to get out and make
Something of myself. Nobody ever gave a fuck about me, all I had was myself. Every
Night I went to sleep with my pen and my pad, I'm tryin to get some of that money
Snoop and Ice Cube had. NWA was on some gangsta shit and Snoop made it all right to
Call a woman a bitch. Damn. I wanna be just like them when I grow up.I wanna rhyme
About some gangsta shit like Kurupt. It turned out that God had a whole 'nother
Plan, took his hands and led me to a place called Promise Land. I can't believe
Some of my day one niggas ain't here. We was all dead broke before I had a career.
Then came the hate all the jealousy and envy. The only niggas I still fuck with got
They own identity. They ain't ridin around on Tyrese dick talkin shit about my
Family and tryin to count my chips. The moral of the story: if you want it go and
Get it. Stop blowin up my phone motherfuckers cause I ain't givin you shit.


New message from: My nigga what up boy Rese what up my nigga? Hey I hate to call
You with this shit dog. I'm like 3 months behind on my car note, they bout to
Repossess my shit you know. I know you got it my nigga just call me back and let me
Know if I can come through there and pick it up. All right my nigga. hit me back. One.
All right and you gon pay me back next week right? right... the fuck outta here man.

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