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Tyrese - Fly Away

feat. Kurupt

Posse's just rollin and my phone just rang, it's the homie and he ain't sure bout a
Couple things. My nigga, you busy? Naw. Got a minute? wassup? I'm goin through some
Deep shit. Hit me with it. I think this rap shit is takin it's toll. I shoulda left
This shit alone a long time ago. No see what happened is you changed the game, if you
Wasn't nice with it they wouldn't be speaking your name. My nigga you really think I
Can make it as a rapper? Hell yeah cause most of these rap niggas is actors. Yeah but
In they mind I'm a always be a r&b nigga. Fuck that real niggas know real niggas.
So what's next? We keep coming with these hits. No guts no glory man we share the
Same story. Nah you never came from signing to rappin. Yeah but I went from rappin
To actin. Harrison Ford? I ain't really like that movie. Ty, we talkin about me or
You bein a emcee? My bad, my nigga, so what should I do?
Just keep it real homey and stay true to you, listen.

Don't pay attention to the haters, don't let em stand in your way
Cause niggas in the hood on the block always got some bullshit to say
Don't pay attention to the haters, don't let em stand in your way
With God all things are possible, it's your time to shine so fly away

Jody Jod you still there? Aw nigga you trippin. All right listen I'm tryin to
Understand this business. What's up? I'm tryin to be in this executive game, I'm
Trying to wear many hats like an executive man. My nigga it ain't nothing you done
Been there and done that and ran rap and back you can get that. But where's the
Channels? Nobody's openin doors. You experienced this before my nigga tell me some
More. Just pay attention, there's a lot of rappers in presidential positions. I'm
Wishing that I can get in that position. I got you, fo sure, my nigga don't trip
Ty, I'm also trying to get full on into this actin shit. Man I got you, I got a
Lot of flicks coming up, just come through I'll hook you up. You think they'll
Fuck with Kurupt? For sho. All right this is what I'm gonna do, after I get out
The studio with Snoop I'll come through. I'm ready to get it crackin, I'm ready
To take flight. My nigga, we both gonna be all right.


Fly far away, don't never look back. If they could do what you could do, they would love to do it. So that's why they got an opinion, but to me you see opinions is like a asshole,
Everybody got one. That don't mean I'm gonna stop doin what I do cause you can't do it.

[Chorus: til Fade]

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