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Tyrese - I'm Sorry

'm sorry, yes I am, for everything that I've done.
How can I do this right, without you in my life.
Even though I say I love you I've gotta make a change in my life, baby,
I realize that you're better off without me by your side.
You're a special lady and I know I'm not ready for you, oh

I'm sorry for, what I've done.
I broke your heart, now we're apart.
I'm sorry for, making you cry.
I broke your heart, now I'm alone.
I'm by myself.

Tell me why, why I'm made my baby cry.
I know our love you would wipe,
Should I put you through all of these changes.
Nevermind all those I said cause I, didn't mean a thing.
I promised you, I only want you in my life, oh.

I'm sorry for(I'm so sorry babe), what I've done(everything I've done to you, oh).
I broke your heart, now we're apart (now we're apart and I can't deal with it).
I'm sorry for(oh, tell me anything), making you cry(I can do to get you back).
I broke your heart, now I'm alone.
I'm by myself.

Oh, it's hurts to move on,
cause you're all I knew,
But I must stay strong.
I can't break down no more.
sometimes I sit and dream of you and me again,
Oh, you have no idea, oh, of how hurt I am that I ran away.

(The one thing I said)

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