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Tyrese - One Remix

You should know, oh, you're the only one for me, oh
It was a friend of a friend who called me up, she said she had a cute friend
I told her hook me up. that night we all headed out to a club
R. Kelly had us steppin in the name of love. After we danced all night I said
Let's go to the crib, she said I know who you is but I don't know who you is
After that my respect for you went through the roof, you wanna do want most
Groupies don't do, you wanna get to know me boo, and I love you for that
We can become the best of friends if you watch my back. you need something
All you gotta do is let me know, I ain't talkin about materials I want your
Heart and soul cause I know God forbid if I ever get locked down, I know you'd
Be the only one to hold me down and I love you for lovin me boo
Just keep it real cause you know you the truth and you're the only one

You're the only one I can see with me
Stay right by my side because you are my destiny
Girl don't pay no mind to what these people say
Cause through the thick and thin I'm gonna love you anyway

Girl I never seen it comin but it's finally here, me and you one on one
Plantin four little ones. got your girlfriends jealous, that's always a
Good sign, trippin cause they ain't draped in Prada and Louis Vuitton
They all wanna take first class trips five star hotels with all your
Priceless jewels, nah that's only for my baby, you keep me sane when
I'm about to go crazy, a ghetto queen born and raised in Queens
No other woman in this world I see on my team. I want you to go and put
My first name on your ring finger, Sometimes I call you boo but you my nigga
We gonna stay together to we gray and old, you always joke about feeding me
Mashed potatoes stick by my side through thick and thin and you'll forever
Be my best friend, 'cause you the only one.

[Chorus x2]

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