Tyrese Sweet Lady (Darkchild Remix) текст песни, слова песни Sweet Lady (Darkchild Remix) Tyrese & Lord Tariq, Rodney Jerkins

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Tyrese - Sweet Lady (Darkchild Remix)

feat. Lord Tariq, Rodney Jerkins

[Rodney Jerkins]
I don't think they ready for this one
Another Rodney Jerkins remix
Darkchild baby, 99

[Lord Tariq]
The darker child, Tyrese, Lord Tariq
Yo Ty baby girl is so me
I give her points and half
Of what I convene
Together we can all ball
Like in all pro team
Lay her flat on her back
And give her all this protein
And everything in between
It's not like me to brag on that baller shit
But whisper to her ‘bout the V and four dot six
I got an hour to kill
Ty introduce your brother
Let her know how I feel
Get the math and we peel, huh

[1: Tyrese]
What I gotta do to get in with you
Take you all around the world
If you want me to
Show you ain't nothing too good for my babe
If you be my sweet lady
Girl it's up to you but I'm ask you to
Just give me a chance and I'll show and prove
I'll promise you'll never regret this baby
If you be my sweet lady

Baby ooh-ooh listen let me tell you what I'd do
Girl if you were my boo
I promise I will never hurt you
Cause you need to be mine, with me
Making you my sweet lady
Making sure that you'll always be
Just a kiss away from me baby, sweet lady


Now girl it's on you
All you gotta do is tell me the truth
Can I go and make plans for two?
All I wanna know is do you feel me?
Cause there's so many things I want to do for you
And I knew that one day I'd be with you
And now you're my sweet lady

If you want all my love
I can give you nothing but sweet love
A love that you will always be sure of
I promise it'll never, it won't stop, can't stop
Cause I know I want you
And I hope that you want me too
So there's nothing left for me to do
But tell you that I need you
I love you my sweet lady



[Lord Tariq]
Lord Tariq
It's like the more I spit the more I get
The more clothes, the more cash
The more cars, the whips
Mami here take the keys to the four dot six
You can meet me at the spot
We can all pop Cris
Short sleeve so they can spot what I got we rich
Just mention my name if you not on the list
Grab some stacks out the safe slide the rocks on my fist
About a block from the spot drop the top on the six
As I think what's hotter than this?
Hataz is mad but I laugh cause I got ‘em sick
Hottest shit on the street from the raw to be clique
Jewels are solid platinum and yours is dick
There ain't no ignoring this
When I step heads turn like the Exorcist
The Rolex is sick
And it's spinning it don't tick
I'm practically married
I ain't grinning at young chicks
You feeling me no shit


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