Tyrese What Am I Gonna Do? (Trackmasters Remix) текст песни, слова песни What Am I Gonna Do? (Trackmasters Remix) Tyrese & G-Dep

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Tyrese - What Am I Gonna Do? (Trackmasters Remix)

feat. G-Dep

Hey yo love like yours and I can't say no, one hit and I can't quit I'm addicted
Slip n slide then take it to the house like trick quick and ride and burn up the street
Turn up the beats full booth bass, flew through them easy
Far from short paid but close to the shore state
Get ya home before day ok, check the pages, shorty contagious
Head games sickly, blow like whitney
Strictly confidential with a win that got me
So we touch places and touch bases, arrange to exchange some fuck faces
Goodness gracious when you grab the bracelets on your ankles
Your name should be thank you damn

All the many days you were on my mind, Visions of me with you all the time
Never had a man, you always made it clear, And now I'm so happy that I got you near

Here in my life just you and I, We can do anything you want to
Just as long as I got you, I'm livin my life with you by my side
Lovin you is on my mind I wouldn't settle for less, That's why I want you baby

Falling in love, so what am I gonna do, This kind of love is a once in a life-time groove

I'll do whatever puts a smile upon your face. Girl, you're my best friend
And you can never be replaced, there's nothing in the world that I wouldn't do
You are one of my favorite dreams, and I'm so glad that it came true



Yo we can cruise up the roof, hit forty deuce hit up the picture booth
Gucci suits the hat match the boots lookin real cute in your ensemble
About to get fondled, exceptional head to toe, spit that extra depth nice to blow
And the survey said dig that, push on the pedal with a child in the ghetto it's love

[Chorus: til end]

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