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Tzu - Computer Love

Every planet that we come across
Is empty and there's only us
Fall down, then we get back up
Hard wired for computer love
Computer love, computer love
Computer love, computer love
Hard wired for computer love

I'm a modern day +Blade Runner+, take cover
Code breaker with a stun gun called a microphone
Take an upper and a painkiller brother
Insane how we suffer on this planet that we call home
Time travelling through the universe
Third stone from the sun on battleship Earth
Hunt down all the +Replicants+, clones in the tenements
Probe this planet for intelligence
Is there life on Mars or on any other stars?
Is there anybody out there or are we all alone?
Call on the telephone, only get a dead tone
Maybe this is all that there is right?
Send a satellite out into the dark night
Knowing that the whole time it might be lifeless
Split an atom with a drum pattern
These are the impressions of a planet in crisis


[Seed MC:]
Yo, computer love
Jump in cortex brain response
Limbs shake, this bass is way beyond
On this ball we all dance upon
Stratosphere, atmosphere and love
Up in the cosmic octave
We chase down alien life to rock with
And back on Earth we just got this
Hot piece of rock that we call the shots with
We're just a blister in the sun
In the infinite distance up above
You go fathom universal forces
Oh shit, I think I just lost my orbit
But fear is a fact that I forfeit
So I walk where the eye of the storm is
Let your mind spin right off course
Into a black hole full of soul, so gorgeous


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