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Tzu - Get Up

Get up, come on [x2]
Don't get stuck

[Seed MC:]
Get up, get up [x4]

[Seed MC:]
I got a good fan, a valuable lady
And we used to live close, then she moved away yeah
She was having a sea change, then she met a man
With working hands and a bitter can
What can you do? You give 'em your blessings and give a damn
Well hold up, a couple months later
It turns out her man is something of a hater
So far away from us was an emotional cripple sounding dangerous
Well I said "Get out" and she said "Hold on"
And the tone went dead on the telephone, c'mon

[Chorus: Seed MC (Joelistics)]
Get up, get up
(Pack up your bags and move on)
Get up, get up
(Don't let this madness go on)
Get up, get up
(Pack up them bags and move on)
Get up, get up
(Don't let this madness go on)

He was a young man out to get what he could man
A prodigal son who would never let anyone inside his head
Never the less he'd captured this girl
With a head full of dreams under her curls
She'd changed his world but couldn't sustain it
Complicated that was his life it seems
He wasn't all bad, he dreamt of a fam
He never had anything to do with his dad
Quick to get mad and raise up his fists
And fuck with the things he treasured the most
Treating his girl like property
Never been taught how to love properly
Jealously burning his brain
A poisonous venom, aggression, he's making no sense
Preventing her leaving and seeing her friends
Telling her things that sounded like threats
No one could guess why she was with him
Tomorrow he's gonna be different, is he?


[Bridge: x2]
He gets you down
He gets you down
Just look around, I know it
Always seems so hard to get out


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